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Green Agriculture 
The economic special local products are mainly fruits, teas and bamboos. There are all kinds of orchards of 50,000mu, including 36,000mu of mandarin oranges, and the unique local fruit- Beilun meiwa kumquat area is famous in the country. There are over 20,000mu of tea gardens, including over 4000mu of outstanding quality spring teas, and the precious Kuding Tea is mainly distributed in Xinlu Forestry Center. Also there are 20,000mu of bamboo and bamboo shoot forests, mainly containing Mao bamboo, Lei bamboo, Buji bamboo and Gaojie Bamboo, etc. 

Cabbage Export Base  Flowers Planted in Plastic Shed  Casket Planting Shed 

Special Aquatic Products 
Beilun Aquaculture occupies an area of near 60,000mu, with Meishan, Kunting, Sanshan, and Guoju as main seawater aquaculture points, and Xiaogang, Xinqi, and Yapu as main fresh-water aquaculture points. On the basis of quantity expansion, pond construction standard is improved, and much attention has been paid to breed introduction, offspring reproduction and multimode breed aquatics to create favorable aquatics environment and green nuisance free brands. There are totally near 100 aquatic breeds, including main aquatic products are field snails, razor clams, crabs, and prawns, etc. 

Meishan Shallow Sea Live Box Aquatics Base  Special Fresh-water Aquatics Base  Crab 

Special Aquatics 
Pig production is the main item of stockbreeding in the whole district; in the whole year, totally 200,000 pigs are raised and about 140,000 market pigs are produced, and totally 2,000,000 poultry are raised. In recent years, special stockbreeding is developed quickly with rich variety. Special economic animals are milk cows, minks, foxes, ostriches, rabbits, goats, and spotted deer, etc.; and the special poultry include pigeon for meat, partridge, colorful black-cock, pheasant, etc. 


Spotted Deer Breeding  Ostrich Breeding  Black Pig Breeding 

Rare Animals
Zhenghai Newt, amphibia. It is a rare species only distributed in Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. In 1932, the species was discovered in Ruiyan Temple Forest park at Chaiqiao Town, Beilun District, Ningbo City for the first time. In 1984, it was renamed Zhenghai Newt, and it is the only special wild animal named with the local place name. In 1989, it was affirmed National 2nd level important protection wild animal by the State Council. 

According to the long-term observation of Chengdu Bioresearch Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other units, at present, there are only 350 Zhenghai newts distributed in Beilun Forests, which is much fewer than that of pandas and Xinjiang salamanders. 

As to newts, only two species are known now, namely Zhenghai newt, and Ryukyu newt (only distributed on Ryukyu Islands in Japan). According to the data of Mainland China and Ryukyu Islands, the species has a history of at least over one million years, and it should be the living fossil.


Picture 1: Zhenghai newt
Picture 2: In 1996, Zhenghai newt was first found to be breeding in this jungle.
Picture 3: Clavula is snapped to be pipping during the period of April and May when Zhenghai newt is in its breeding season.

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