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Beilun Mountain Kumquat

Kumquat is the traditional fruit of Beilun Mountain, with its cultivated area and output occupying the first place in the world. Beilun Kumquat, with a cultivated history of over 400 years, can be dated back to Ming Dynasty Jia Jing, as recorded in Zhejiang Calendas: Ningbo kumquat is similar in form with bean, and sweeter and more fragrant in flavor than orange. Later on, it was due to the continuous suffering from natural calamities and man-made misfortunes that the kumquat farmers were compelled by the life to fell almost all kumquat trees, however, there were only 1,600 mus when new China was founded. After new China was founded, the planting and production of kumquat gained the recovery and development. By the year of 1988, kumquat had its cultivated area of 11,000 mus, and its production of 6,100 tons, which amounts to 1/3 production nationwide.

The fruit of kumquat is long and round in form, with smooth pericarp, and the ripe kumquat, with the bright color of golden yellow, looks extremely flamboyant. Kumquat, a kind of fresh fruit sweet and fragrant in taste, enjoys the effects of stomach-appetizing and aerating, thirst-quenching and sleepiness-allaying, phlegm-reducing and cough-relieving, and odor-preventing and lung-moistening. And also, kumquat can be processed and made into many beverages such as kumquat in syrup, kumquat cake, fruit juice, fruit wine and cola and so on. Beilun kumquat has been awarded several prizes in the awards competition nationwide and worldwide as follows: Ningbo Kumquat in Syrup gained the prize of International Golden Orange Osmanthus in France; Beilun kumquat took the gold award in the Agriculture Expo, 1993, in Thailand; Beilun kumquat was awarded the first prize in the orange competition across the province in 1991; Fu Shou Shan (meaning happiness and longevity in Chinese) Kumquat Cake, which is produced by Beilun Sweetmeats Mill, won the honorable title of provincial high-quality agricultural products; Beilun Mountain Kumquat was awarded the gold prize of Zhejiang Agricultural Expo, 2001. Kumquat fruit and its processed foods and beverages are popularly sold in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, etc. 

At the early 90s of last century, kumquat production of Beilun district undertook the adjustment of assortment structure, from the previous kumquat assortments, which are mainly of high-sugar content, appropriate for fresh-eating and hard to process and store, to the ones that give priority to milk kumquat of low-sugar content with enough acidity, fit to process and conforming to the flavor for export. Currently, of all the products of Beilun kumquat, milk kumquat occupies about 40%, and mainly supplies the merchants from Chaozhou and Shantou. In order to protect the traditional resources of kumquat, Beilun district has already registered the trademark Beilun Mountain. It is expected that in the near future the mountains and waters are all draped with golden-colored kumquats here and there. The land of kumquat wholeheartedly welcomes the friends from all over the world to make friends with kumquat, and make investment for prosperity. 

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