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Tianci Yu tea (green)

"Miaoshou" Tianci Yu tea (green) series are flat in form and jade green in color, and enjoy the natural flavors and qualities of green and bright tea, fresh and strongly fragrant flavor, and strong and pure taste. Tianci Yu tea (green) has successfully passed ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification, and was awarded many prizes as follows: the first place of the 3rd “Chinese Tea Cup” Famous Tea Appraising Competition; the silver award of China International Tea Expo, 2000; the silver award of the 2nd international famous tea appraising competition

The products are mainly divided into star tea, superfine tea and popular tea, with packing standards from 25 grams to 250 grams, so as to meet the requirements of the customers of different levels.

Company : Ningbo Beilun Tianci Tea Co., Ltd
Company Address: Mingzhou Road No. 18-20, Beilun District, Ningbo
Zip Code: 315800
POC: Miss Cong
Mobile Phone: 13505887722
Fax: 0574-86889278
Haihesheng Yu Tea

Haihesheng Yu tea, which is produced by Haihe Tea Company, subordinated to Haihesheng Special Products Co. Ltd, is collected from San Shan country, North Ou Shan mountain region, Beilun district. This area is covered with luxuriant plant, with clear sprung babbling over, and cloud and mist curling up, and freshness in the air. Its natural environment enjoys exceptional advantages, with no environmental pollution. It belongs to the typical ocean climate with short-term frost season and rich soil. Some experts concerned investigated to believe it was the idea place for planting tea trees. Dated back to middle Qing Dynasty, the local peasants had already had the customs to plant tea trees, with a history of nearly 200 years so far. Haihesheng Yu Tea selects and applies burgeen of such nation grade fine variety of tea trees as materials as Wu Niu Jiao, No.43 Longjing Tea, YingShuang, etc. In the early second month of the lunar year, the tea can be collected and go on the market. The tea undertakes the scientific processing technology developed by Tea Test Center of the Agricultural Ministry, and is made with extra care of manual operation. The tea is flat in form and jade green in color, and enjoys the characteristics of green and bright tea, fresh and strongly fragrant flavor, and strong and pure taste. Since its appearance, it enjoys wide popularity among the customers. It can help keep clear-headed and refresh oneself. In 1999, it was awarded the famous tea of the top class by the provincial Agricultural Department. Its products enjoy the renown appraisal not only nationwide, but also world wide, and the supply fails to meet the demand.

Haihesheng Tea Company undertakes the development of several years and now possesses the total capital up to 1,000,000 Yuan. There are over 100 mus of famous tea planting base, and more than 100 mus of popular tea planting base, cleared on the Nine Mountain Au with cloud and mist curling up. The company now has the production capacity of two tons of famous tea, among which Haihesheng Yu tea is nearly one tons, and of 150 tons of popular tea.

Haihesheng Tea Company wholeheartedly welcomes friends of all circles for cooperation and discussion of business at home and abroad. 

Address in detail: San Shan Haihesheng Tea Company, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Legal Representative: Ding Erjie
Telephone: (0574)6099007
Mobile Phone: 13008969083
Zip Code: 315830
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