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Wang'ao Waterfall
Wang'ao Waterfall, also named Mu'er Dragon Pond, is located 10.5km south to the downtown of Beilun District. Walking along the green shades, we could find two huge rocks, which are called "Stone Gate". Entering the stone gate, we could find a lot of query stones. After the "Yixiantian" and "Feilaifeng", we could find the flying waterfall. Lower our head, we could find the limpid Dragon Pond, feeling like entering a fairyland. Twisting up, we could find a "virgin rock" in the pond and have infinite associations. 

Upon such delicate skills of the heaven, we could not help thinking of the moving story: 
It was said that there was a little dragon in the heaven responsible for rainfalls. Once he forgot to fall the rain, he was punished to the dry land by the Jade Emperor, and was forbidden to go back to the heaven. Arriving here, at the chapped fields and withered trees and flowers, he regretted a lot and cried to the heaven. His tears turned present waterfall. 

At the news, the fairy child in the neighboring temple came here to persuade him and asked Guanyin Buddha to fall the rain, soon the elegant landscapes recovered. The punished little dragon smiled at last. 
In order to remember the na├»ve little dragon and the fairy child, people built a place to worship the little fairy child on the Lion Mountain to the south of the waterfall. Looking down from the mountain of little fairy child, we could find another magnificent sight, a flowing brook originating form the Longjiaoshan Mountain, like a winding white silk. 

Yantan Waterfall
Yantan is on Donpan Mountains near East China Sea (Sanshan Village). On the high peak of the big mountain, other mountains all look so small. Prime Minister Kou Zhun of North Song Dynasty once made poem to sing the magnificence of the mountain. Dongpan Mountains extend to Kunting, Zishi, and Hetou, and Yantan is on the mountainside. 

Yantan covers about 300m2 with rock in the south, west and north, where brooks and springs of various mountains gather. The gurgling springs and waterfalls rushed down to the pond and then surged forward the sea. 

The natural Yantan is mysterious. Set off by three sides of cedars and pines, there is no leaf floating in the pond. Thousands of years have passed, but its depth is still unknown. 
It was said that in Ming Dynasty, admiring the elegance of Yantan and wanting to test his talents, the 3rd son of Dragon King, Yan Hai came to the world to take an exam. Over East China Sea, he visited Peach Flower Island and then Yantan. Arrested by the attractive sights, he lingered there, and came across the scholar Ding Chun. They soon sworn brothers and went to Beijing for imperial exam. 

After three rounds of tests, they both succeeded and returned to the hometown by foot. It was so hot that there is no water in the field at all. When passing by Wuxiang Town, they found a widow crying upon the field with her children. Learning the fact, Yan Hai showed great sympathy and stayed to save the family. He asked Ding Chun to carry the exam announcement and precious coral to Sanshan. But at the treasure, Ding Chuan forgot morality. When Yan Hai went back for it, Ding Chuan denied and killed Yan Hai. In order to revenge, Yan Hai drowned the Dings and extends the disaster to the village. The Jade Emperor was angry and prohibited Yan Hai to return to the Palace of Dragon King. So Yan Hai stayed at Sanshan Yantan forever. 

Since then, Yantan got more elegant and beautiful, and local people called it Dragon Pond. In the history, when it was dry and hot, people would come to the pond to pray for rains. It was said that one summer, Yin Country experienced a great drought, and people came to the pond to pray for rains. On the very night it rained heavily, and people came to fire firecrackers, sang and danced to thank the pond. 

After the liberation, local people constructed a Hongshan Reservoir here, with the water storage of 1,200,000 m2. At present, the limpid springs is flowing to the field and to the local households. 

Seen on the dam, it is really a natural picture. Now even if pardoned by the Jade Emperor, the little dragon would rather stay in the limpid water instead of returning to the bitter East Sea.

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