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Primary Functions of the Beilun People's Government

As regulated by Organic Law of the Local People's Congresses and Local People's Governments of the People's Republic of China, governments of various levels are the execution institutions of the local People's Congress and the national administrative institutions. Its functions are set as follows:
1. It is authorized to execute the resolution made by Beilun People's Congress and its standing committee as well as the decision and order by the upper governments and the CPC Beilun Committee. It also defines the administrative measures to be taken and issues orders and decisions.
2. It is authorized to direct the local government and all departments subordinate to the government at the corresponding level.
3. It has the right to cancel or change the incorrect decisions made by all subordinate governments and all departments belonging to the Beilun government.
4. It is authorized to appoint or oust, train and examine, punish and reward civil servants in national administrative institutions.
5. It is entitled to set and carry out the plans of social and economic development and the financial budget, govern the matters of economy, science, culture, health, sports, environment and resource protection, town and country planning as well as construction, manage the affairs of finance, civil administration, public safety and the peoples and regulate social tasks such as the justice, the administration, supervision and family planning.
6. It is for protecting the common property, the collective wealth of the working people and the legal private possessions. It maintains the social order, safeguard the personal and democratic rights as well as other rights of the people.
7. It is authorized to protect t lawful interests of various economic and social entities.
8. It also handles other affairs from the senior governments and the party committees.

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