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Nearly 0.5 million people visited Beilun during the "Double Days"
2017-10-09 10:38:21


Reports from our newspaper (Reporter, Cai Xiaoxin Correspondent, Gu Yimei) This year National Day met with the Mid-autumn Festival. The sky was bright and clear during the “Double Days”. The number of visitors in our districts has increased a lot compared with that last year. The whole district attracted 497800 visitors this year, with a year-on-year increase of 32.07%, and boasted a tourism revenue of 246785500 Yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 27.45%.

Bodi InShow City is certainly the highlight of Beilun “Double Days” tourism this year. As an important window to show Beilun modern culture and tourism images, Bodi InShow City opened on September 30th with a total area of 0.45 million sq.m. and an investment of 4 billion yuan by Bodi Group. That night, the first guest greeting program large-scale tourism 5D erforming arts show Ningbo Show—Harbor Connecting the World premiered officially in the gold hall of High-tech Theater. According to reporters, the show had a full house for every performance during the holidays, and the audiences felt very satisfied.

Meanwhile, InShow City caught people’s eyes with its rich industry pattern, distinctive theme and colorful activities. Among them, Ningbo Theme Lights Show Illusion was the focus of the media, which was released in the channels like CCTV News, CCTV news channel Eyes On, as well as the media like People's Daily Online and Zhejiang Satellite TV. By the preliminary statistics, InShow City attracted 1.81million audience during the 8-day holidays.

Besides, the themes of the holiday touring consumption were still premium cultural tourism, family trip, rural picking tourism, folk custom experience tourism and health leisure tourism. Scenic spots in the district such as Jiufeng Mountain Tourism Zone, Beilun Phoenix Mountain Harbor Park and Lisheng Rose Manor attracted lots of tourists with their distinctive theme activities.

The new industry pattern of Homestay has showed its new-countryside charm during the holidays. Chunxiao Sub-district, the homestay gathering area, received about 3000 tourists during the 8-day holidays, with an agritainment income of about 600000 Yuan and an agricultural turnover of 1.7 million Yuan.

To ensure the successful operation of the attractions and scenic spots during the holidays, out district had carried out the meticulous arrangement in advance, putting more importance on safety and market and services for tourism. Before the festival, the tourism department in the district fulfilled all its general coordination duties, and checked up on safety many times so as to ensure the flawless safety work. During the festival, we established the duty system and 24-hour complaint handling mechanism and properly handled all kinds of emergencies, which ensured that there were no complaints or safety accidents during the holidays.

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