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Three major car events held in Beilun
2017-10-16 14:43:59


From October 13 to 15, Ningbo International Raceway made its debut. Three games "jointly landed" here including World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), China Touring Car Championship (CTCC) and International Automobile Federation F4 China Championship. On October 15, the chairman of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of the People’ s Republic of China Zhan Guojun declared the start of the game open in the opening ceremony of the sixth round of China Touring Car Championships (Ningbo). Municipal Committee and First Deputy Mayor Song Yueshun, Municipal Committee and Secretary of the District Mao Hongfang, Director of Ningbo Meishan Logistics Industry Agglomeration Management Committee Chai Lineng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Government Gu Liqun, Deputy Secretary of the District and District Mayor Hu Kui, member of the Standing Committee of the District, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Ningbo International Marine Science and Technology City and Deputy Director of the Committee He Guoqiang attended the ceremony.


The biggest surprise and highlight of the competition is the new Ningbo International Raceway. The raceway is located in the climbing hill area of Chunxiao Sub-district. The raceway is a second level raceway which has been certified by FIA and FIM. It covers about 1111 acres. The total investment of the raceway is about 950 million Yuan and the total length of the raceway is 4.01 km.

The raceway is designed with a unique counterclockwise. It contains 22 angles varying in speed and radius (including 13 left curves and 9 right curves). The raceway fluctuates with the mountain, and the altitude difference of the highest point and lowest point is 24 meters. The grandstand of the raceway is a hillside stand built based on the original landform of the mountain area. With building area of more than 15,000 square meters, it can accommodate more than 12 thousand spectators. The grand long straight track and a variety of combined corners of the raceway require a high power take-off and brake performance of the cars and also will be more challenging for racers. For the spectators, it is more exciting when watching games on the only stand in China that offers a full view of the track and is surrounded with sea and mountain.

On October 15, Ningbo International Raceway hosted China Racing Grand Prix, China Touring Car Championship (super cup) and Federal International Automobile F4 China Championship. Most noteworthy is the finals of Federal International Automobile World Touring Car Championship, which gave spectators a chance to watch the race not far from home for the first time.

The first races of Ningbo International Raceway are World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and China Touring Car Championship (CTCC). Together with China Racing Grand Prix and FIA F4 China Championship, these two top races will help auto sports to spread from Beilun to the rest of China. According to the relevant person in charge of Ningbo Meishan Logistics Industry Agglomeration Zone which is located in the core area of Ningbo comprehensive construction area, the zone will expand its cultural influence on domestic and international sports events promptly with the help of the opening of Ningbo International Raceway. At the same time, the zone will be further combined with the import automobile industry of Meishan bonded port area and many other development advantages to build a leisure, travelling and vacationing project themed with car entertainment, car show, racing club, car experience and sales center, car exhibition, etc.

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