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HPV Vaccine is Now Available in Beilun, People Can Receive HPV Vaccine in Beilun from October 26
2017-10-26 09:15:53

According to the Disease Control Center of Beilun District, HPV vaccine has already transported to Beilun and citizens who have the need to be vaccinated can go to relevant medical institution to receive HPV vaccine in Beilun.

HPV vaccine can be received at the Vaccine Receiving Department of Beilun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bivalent HPV vaccine has already stored in refrigerators there. It is said that about 70 percent of cervical cancer are caused by HPV-16 virus and HPV-18 virus. The bivalent HPV vaccine is developed to prevent vaccines from being infected with the aforementioned two viruses.

At present, the price of vaccine is 670 yuan a shot/dose. The completion of receiving HPV vaccine requires three shots/doses. Women who are at the age of nine to twenty five can receive HPV vaccine if they have no contraindication with the vaccine. The procedure of finishing HPV vaccine series is “0-1-6”, i.e. after the first dose, the second dose shall be shot one month later and the third dose shall be injected six months later; it takes half a year to complete the procedure. The effective period of the vaccine reaches twenty to fifty years.

In Beilun, hospitals that are qualified to get people vaccinated with HPV vaccine include Beilun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiaogang Hospital and Chaiqiao Hospital. Citizens can go the community hygiene and medical service center in their street to make an appointment for receiving HPV vaccine.

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