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Shenzhou and Minth Listed Among “Nifty Fifty”
2017-11-02 14:23:50

(From the reporter Xie Ting and correspondent Yao Lu) Goldman Sachs released the list of “Nifty Fifty”, the 50 popular stocks with solid “buy and hold” growth out of 2,300 from 18 sub-sectors across the world. Big names such as Google, Amazon and Tesla are on the list. There are also 14 companies from China including Shenzhou International Group Holdings Limited and Minth Group in Beilun.

“Nifty Fifty”, based on the "ten rules" framework, has such core elements as company's past and expected growth, technical content, business model and advanced returns. Minth is a high-tech manufacturing company, and Shenzhou a traditional consumption-oriented one, both with high potential for growth and ability to support the industry development in the district as role models.

According to the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the pace should be accelerated for the construction of a manufacturing power and the development of advanced manufacturing, the integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and physical economy promoted, the nurturing of new growth points in the medium- and high-end consumption, innovation, green and low-carbon, shared economy, modern supply chain, human capital services and other fields, and the generating of new driving forces.

In the district, the automobile manufacturing industry has paid close attention to the new trend of the industry – the remolding of the automobile into the light weight and the leapfrog competition among automobile brands. The textile and garment industry has made breakthroughs based on the "substitution of man with machine" and the personalized service, so as to solve the bottleneck, facilitate the industry development and acquire a lot of useful experience and achievements. Minth Group, with the establishment of an automotive electronics industrial park, has actively expanded the frontier domains of the auto parts industry, and Shenzhou Group been committed to the vertical integration of the garment industry chain, so as to push the "going out" strategy forward. The two companies have been the exemplars in the district in creating new driving forces and growth points.

In recent years, the district has vigorously supported the leading enterprises with the introduction of the Opinion on the New-round “Taking-Off” Project for Industrial Enterprises to strengthen the assurance of elements, encourage and support large enterprises in their development, and cultivate a number of enterprise clusters with the regional characteristics including those oriented on the headquarters economy, high-tech, listed, big brand and those as the driving force. This year, the district selected 40 new “taking-off” enterprises, under which the intelligent manufacturing, information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, finance and insurance, life and health, cultural tourism and others have become the future key fields. With the policy guidance, financial aid and supporting services, the district is expected to further activate the innovation power and cultivate many more leading enterprises.

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