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A Sprint of Investment Promotion at the Finish for A Successful Year
2017-11-20 13:55:46

This year, our district seized the opportunity of national key strategy in the aspect of business and investment promotion, to grasp high-quality projects and strengthen project services, while the “No. 1 Project” is continuously playing the role of guidance, promotion and support. From January to October, our district had accumulatively attracted the actual amount of foreign investment of 778 million US dollars, steadily occupying the first place in the city.

This year, our district is continuously optimizing the pattern to attract business and investment, and deepening the institutional mechanism reform of investment promotion characterized with “regional interaction, cooperation between upper and lower levels, and labor emulation”, to implement the responsibility, strengthen the team, maximize the joint force of investment promotion, motivate the power of investment promotion, and thus explore the new investment promotion strategy fit for the long-term development of our district.

Taking the special town as the platform, we’ve focused on the introduction and development of new industries. This year, our district has taken advantage of the pulse of the uprising of emerging industry as well as the upgrading of traditional industry to realize the precise investment attraction and directional introduction, accelerate the integration of resource factors, and form our own industrial features and advantages, thus to contribute to the economic transformation and upgrading, and make it become the new emerging force to stabilize increase, adjust structure, and strengthen innovation.

As one of the first cities to develop integrated circuit in China, Ningbo has formed a complete industrial chain of base materials of semiconductor, integrated circuit design, chip manufacturing, package test etc., and enterprises such as Konfoong, Kangqiang Electronics that have established a good reputation in the industry, but there is still a huge potential for improvement in the integrated circuit industry in Ningbo.

In November last year, a major breakthrough was realized in the integrated circuit industry of our district. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, the giant of integrated circuit industry, and the largest-scale integrated circuit foundry enterprise with the most advanced technology in China settled down in Ningbo, which marks the beginning of rapid development of integrated circuit in the city. Among them, the “Xingang Town” led by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation has become a significant development platform, and the contracts of first batch of 7 projects have been signed.

Now, the paid-in domestic investment in our district has reached 9.83 billion yuan, accounting for 98.3% of the annual target. From Meishan Finance Town, “Xingang Town”, to the Environmental Protection Town which is under planning, now and in the future, our district shall aim at the strategic emerging industries, take the core block as the main platform, strengthen the investment promotion in China as well as the whole world, and make every effort to attract Fortune 500 enterprises, central enterprises, and well-known domestic enterprises.

The open economic pattern motivates a great upsurge of effective investment, and the reform and opening-up policy is the largest bonus of development. Our district strives to set out again through the new round of investment promotion reform, to motivate the great upsurge of effective investment through the open economic pattern, and re-create the new advantages of economic and social development.

A few day ago, the journalist learned that Hitachi Metal Die Special Steel Project would invest in and establish a special die steel project in Chunxiao Industrial Park, which mainly manufactures die steel for vehicles. The total project investment shall be over 100 million yuan, and after the commissioning of the project, its die steel is expected to “strengthen tendons and bones” of the die industry of our district.

In the fields of automobile research and development, precision machinery, and medical apparatus and instrument, our district has been continuously introducing foreign capitals and injecting new blood for so many years, which also reflects that the “temperament” of our district to bravely take responsibility and actively make transformation.

The returning of Zhejiang businessmen gives us the new energy of economic transformation. They return because of their love for hometown, bring in the most precious resources, and thus become the main force of economic transformation and upgrading.

From safe box, to equipment cabinet, to the returning of “Guo businessmen”, our district attracts Zhejiang businessmen to return in the aspect of location, openness, platform, policy, love for hometown, industry etc. This year, the paid-in investment made by the returned Zhejiang businessmen has reached 8.1 billion yuan, accounting for 101.25% of the indicator for performance appraisal in our city. In the future, in the aspect of investment promotion, our district shall more emphasize the significant resource, people, and firmly support the development of private enterprises, pay more attention to the optimization of government service, construct a more dynamic entrepreneurship and innovation ecological system and a more effective government administration ecological system, and create a stronger atmosphere of mass entrepreneurship and innovation to inject vitality to the transformation development.

There is only 1 month before the end of this year. While making a sprint at the finish, we should precisely aim at the target to make efforts. In recent days, our district has continuously issued new policies to introduce talents and support culture industry development, to constantly optimize the business environment and improve the supporting facilities of investment promotion. In the future, our district will continue to support he settled enterprises in enjoying preferential policies in the aspects of land, tax, finance, technology etc., explore for more investment opportunities, and generate bigger “chemical” reactions, thus to further improve the pattern of great opening-up, and establish the popular land for investment.

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