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The annual foreign economic goals and tasks accomplished ahead of schedule
2017-11-24 09:54:00


At the Canton Fair, we learned more about the industry and contacted many potential customers. The responsible person of BEIFA Group Co., Ltd. gained a lot at the Canton Fair. In this year’s Canton Fair, our district has 84 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, and the number of booth reaches 220. The exhibits include mechanical equipment, home appliance electronics, hardware tools, building materials sanitary ware, household items, stationery and clothing.

Since the beginning of this year, the district has taken “Biennial” as the focus, and established the key enterprise contact system, vigorously promoted "door-to-door service", actively guided enterprises to "go global" and further expanded the international market. The district has achieved remarkable achievements in overseas economic cooperation. From January to October this year, 21 new overseas investment projects have been completed in the district, and completed 105% of the annual assessment targets; 355 million of annual investment approved by the Chinese side has been achieved, accounting for 107.6% of the annual assessment targets. We have overfulfilled the annual target of overseas economic cooperation in advance.

Take service as the focus and build the regional open advantage. Ningbo Nuoxinxinde Investment Co., Ltd. has actually invested 130 million U.S. dollars to Black Bird Rapid Company and will focus on the internet advertising industry in the future. This project is the only overseas investment project audited in this year by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

Take the initiative to do a good job in linking with overseas investment projects. Since the beginning of this year, more than 50 enterprises have been visited in our district, and 16 opinions and suggestions from enterprises have been collected from them, so as to properly solve such problems as overseas labor visas, bank financing and foreign exchange control policies that concern enterprises.

Take the exhibition as the platform, share the market opportunities. In recent years, Ningbo Meilian Foreign Trade Service Co., Ltd. is active in various international exhibitions, introducing its import trade integration services. With the introduction of the exhibition as a promotion opportunity, the brand of the enterprise has been gradually expanded in recent years. At present, it has provided professional one-stop professional services for thousands of small and micro enterprises in the world.

Based on the actual condition of the district, study and formulate the annual key exhibition catalog. Our district helps enterprises to focus on participating in the international and strategic exhibitions along the " Belt and Road" route in Central and Eastern Europe, ASEAN, CIS, South Asia and West Asia, and expanded overseas markets. For the whole year, we organized enterprises to attend 43 foreign exhibitions, such as the China-ASEAN Exposition, with 92 exhibitors and 227 booths. There are 930 enterprises in the whole district trading with countries and regions along the " Belt and Road" accounting for 78% of the total number of enterprises in the district.

Relying on mergers and acquisitions, continue industrial competitiveness. Our district combines special equipment manufacturing, textile clothing, automobile other special industries, guides enterprises to promote the global distribution channels and construct a global customer relation network through transnational mergers and acquisitions, and further expand the international market.

On November 17th, Belarus local time, the new plant of Geely Automobile which is located in Belarus Borisov- Geely (Belarus) Automobile Co., Ltd. was completed and put into production, and the first Belarussian Geely Atlas was formally finished. Geely Atlas has become the first SUV model for Geely to enter the overseas market and achieve localization production. After entering the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Arab market and Argentina, South America's second largest auto market, Geely Atlas took another big step on the road to create a global car.

At present, our district has initially established a garment manufacturing and processing base for Southeast Asia headed by Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd., a car electronics industrial base in Central and Eastern Europe headed by Geely Automobile, and a base for trade and marketing in West Asia and North Africa that takes Tianshi International Benin's China Commodity Trading Center as head. Since the beginning of this year, from “borrowing a ship to go to the sea” to “building a ship to go to the sea”, the vitality of enterprises in our district has been further stimulated and the pace of integration into the global industrial chain has been accelerated. This has also solidified our industrial foundation.

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