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Heating Supply Has Been Started in Ningbo Rail Transit Lines in Winter
2017-12-14 14:37:25

It’s getting cold, and heating supply has been timely started in Ningbo Rail Transit lines to ensure every passenger’s comfort and warmness.

Now, to ensure air circulation in the carriages, the ventilation function has been turned on in the subway trains. When the external temperature is lower than 12℃, the electric heater at the top of the carriage will operate automatically, to heat external air which is about to be absorbed into the carriage; when the external temperature increases up to 13℃, the electric heater will stop, and the air conditioning unit will be in the state of ventilation.

Besides the heater at the top, the seats in the subway trains are also equipped with heating function. In normal climate environment, when the temperature in the carriage is lower than 12℃, the seat heater will operate automatically; and when the temperature in the carriage increases up to 13℃, the electric heater will stop, and enter the sleep state. If in the extremely cold weather, with the external temperature lower than 0℃, the rail transit company will adopt emergency measures to properly adjust the operation and stop value for the heater.

According to the introduction by rail transit staff, after the heating function of the heaters is started, the heat will be conducted to the metal seats, so even in cold winter, the seats can be still warm, and the passengers will not feel cold while sitting on them. Meanwhile, the heat is conducted to the whole carriage through seats and carriage walls, and keeps the whole carriage warm.

In the underground railway statins in Ningbo such as Gulou and Dongmenkou, plenty of equipment operating in the closed equipment room generates a mass of heat, so even without air conditioner, you will not feel too cold. However, the stations in our district such as Xiapu Station and Changjiang Road Station are viaduct stations, and when the train is stopped, the piercing cold wind makes passengers feel extremely cold, so the considerate Ningbo Rail Transit has also set the passengers’ waiting room equipped with facilities such as air conditioner and chairs to create a comfortable waiting environment for passengers.

Different from the passengers enjoying comfort and warmness, the rail transit staff stick to their posts all the time. The station agents and security personnel in the viaduct stations have to receive and send the trains in cold wind; and the electromechanical, environmental control, and water supply and drainage professionals have to continuously inspect the outdoor equipment, and wrap the water pipes for water tanks in all stations, the outdoor fire hydrants, the fire-prevention and living pipes with thermal insulation materials, to guarantee the normal operation of subways.

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