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Meishan Has Signed the Contracts Worth 10.3 Billion Yuan in Beijing
2017-12-26 15:36:54

The 2017 Ningbo (Beijing) Investment Cooperation Meeting is being held in Beijing. This activity themed with “Serve ‘One Belt, One Road’, and Build ‘Well-known City and Capital’ with All Our Strength” aims to negotiate and sign contracts related to the investment cooperation in Ningbo with central and state-owned enterprises, high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, technological innovation-based enterprises, financial institutions, well-known Zhejiang merchants etc. There are 4 projects in Meishan whose contracts have been signed in the meeting, with the total investment up to 10.3 billion Yuan.

Among them, 5 billion Yuan are invested in the China Tiancheng Military and Civilian Integration Industrial Park and Modern Supply China Project which aims to build a military and civilian integration high-tech modern supply chain project, and establish a functional platform of military and civilian integration high-tech supply chain as well as a characteristic industrial park integrating import and export trade dominated by special materials, high technology transfer platform, technology research and development, military and civilian integration high-tech equipment, and application of innovative achievements etc., as well as an international supply chain project of special nonferrous metal industry.

The total investment in the Yintai Group’s Private Equity Fund Project is 5 billion Yuan. Based on the industrial recourses and investment abilities accumulated by Yintai Group, the project is mainly invested by Yintai, and aims to lever social capitals to integrate the strength of diversified industrial investment, and build an asset management platform in the scale of one hundred billion Yuan. Sinotrans Logistics Development Co., Ltd. plans to development the Sinotrans (Meishan) International Procurement Supply Chain Project, with the total investment of 240 million Yuan, and aims to build a 45 thousand square meters high-standard stereoscopic warehouse and its corresponding facilities, thus to provide the whole supply chain management service to customers, and establish an international procurement supply chain management base integrating logistics, trade, and finance. After the project starts to operate normally, the annual import and export volume driven by it will be over 1 billion dollars.

Relying on New Hope Group’s powerful strength in the fields of agriculture and finance, the New Hope Group’s Finance Lease Project will start with the finance lease of agricultural machines, to carry out the finance lease business. By establishing the win-win mode of “peasants – agricultural machine dealers – agricultural machine manufacturers”, the project combines the characteristics of finance lease companies to conduct business, practically improves the “agriculture, peasant, and rural area” service level, and supports local real economy development by supporting local agricultural machine dealers and manufacturers, and expanding the finance lease business into other fields supported by the nation.

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