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Beilun Citizens Can Get Tetravalent Cervical Caner Vaccines near Their Homes Next Year
2017-12-26 15:36:54

Now, Zhejiang Provincial Disease Control and Prevention Center has successfully completed the centralized government procurement of tetravalent cervical cancer vaccines, and after January 1st, 2018, the County-level Disease Control and Prevention Centers can purchase them from the Government Procurement Cloud Platform. The journalist has learned from the Beilun District Disease Control and Prevention Center that Beilun will purchase tetravalent cervical cancer vaccines, so that the citizens can get vaccinated near their homes.

Since October of this year, the bivalent cervical cancer vaccines have been supplied, and well received by people in Beilun District. The recommended vaccination objects of tetravalent cervical cancer vaccine are women aged from 20 to 45. On the basis of preventing HPV16 and HPV18, it can additionally prevent HPV6 and HPV11 which don’t belong to the high-risk HPVs caused cervical cancer, but may cause condyloma acuminate and vulvar cancer.

The recommended immune procedure of tetravalent cervical cancer vaccine is three vaccinations respectively in the 0th, 2nd, and 6th months, and all three vaccinations should be completed within one year.

The locations to get vaccinated against cervical cancer in Beilun District include Quzhong Hospital, Xiaogang Hospital and Chaiqiao Hospital, and citizens can make appointments for vaccination in the community healthcare centers in every sub-district community.

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