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In 2017, Ningbo's trade with the 16 Central and Eastern European countries increased by nearly 30% over the same period of previous year
2018-01-25 08:50:36

According to statistics from Ningbo Customs, in 2017, the import and export volume among Ningbo and Central and Eastern European countries reached 19.79 billion yuan with year-on-year growth of 26.8%.

At 9:00 a.m. this morning, a batch of newly arrived Polish frozen meat products are being put into containers in the warehouse of Swire Cold Chain Logistics in Xiapu Logistics Park for sale in Henan and Anhui. Benefited from the convenient delivery of cold chain, the fastest delivery period for Polish meat serving on the table of domestic people only requires 4 days. Since the examination and acceptance of integrated function for meat inspection and storage was passed last year, more and more customers choose to cooperate with Swire Cold Chain Logistics. “Some customers ordered Polish meat ask us whether Ningbo port can serve as an import base for them. Can we also cooperate with other agricultural products? That is to say whether there is any possibility for us to provide our professional cold storage service to agricultural products from foreign regions, including Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.” , said Zhang Shiwen, from Swire cold chain logistics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd..

In recent years, with the improvement of cold chain technique, the delivery of imported food from arriving at the port to moving into the warehouse can be fully completed under the condition of low temperature, which avoids the phenomenon of " cold in the two shipping ends but intermittent in the middle " during the process of the shipping of imported goods and further ensures the food quality.

According to statistics from Ningbo Customs, in 2017, Ningbo has imported 2.54 billion yuan from Central and Eastern European countries with an increase of 78.4%, and has exported 17.25 billion yuan with an increase of 21.6%. The top three trading partners are respectively Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, accounting for 57.9% of the total import and export volume over the same period.

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