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Last year, our district received over 10 million tourists
2018-01-23 08:40:27

Recently, the reporter learned from the tourism department that a delightful answer sheet of the tourism work in our district has been submitted with sparkling highlights. Tourism economy has made new contributions with income continuously growing healthily. In 2017, Beilun District has received domestic and foreign tourists over 10.3251 million people with a year-on-year growth of 16.16%, and achieved total domestic tourism revenue of 7.013 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 28.99%.


Deepen resources development for further progress

On Sep. 30, 2017, Bodi Inshow City whose investment amount has reached 3 billion yuan is officially opened. The two extraordinary and splendid big show, major theme show “ Yongxiu- Gang Tong Tian Xia” that tells Ningbo story and culture and a light theme show “ Fantasy Sea” created coordinately with a famous team, were displayed on the Bodi Inshow City on the same day, becoming an important window to show the Beilun’s modern tourism and coastal city culture.

Such novel tourism resources with a strong sense of participation like Bodi Inshow City have been developed alternately in Beilun District in 2017, making it a magnet to attract tourists. The newly-built Ningbo International Circuit welcomed its first WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) match and CTCC (China Touring Car Championship) match, Splendid Beach, Helicopter Sightseeing, Yacht Sightseeing and other projects are developed progressively. As one of the National Tourism Demonstration Zone, Chunxiao Street has gained its further progress through deepen its tourism resources like constructing tourist attractions, building quality routes, cultivating Boutique, making the district's tourism industry continues to be expanded and integrated.

“Good tourism resources and projects are not only the support but also the breakthrough for the sound and prudent development of tourism industry. In the past year, our district has consciously raised the investment threshold for high-quality tourism resources and introduced a number of projects with distinctive characteristics, good market prospects, which can better the overall tourism development of Beilun District.”, said the responsible person from the tourism department of Beilun District. Beilun Tourism will be more attractive with the completion of these projects.

Strengthen marketing to create a brand

In 2017, Beilun's tourism brand building is getting better. Chunxiao Street became the first place in Ningbo Tourism Demonstration Area, Meishan Bay was successfully approved of the provincial tourist resort, Jiufeng Mountain Tourist Zone, Phoenix Mountain Harbor Park has passed the national 4A scenic review organized by the Municipal Tourism Administration and the establishment of provincial relief area, Jiutian’ao Farm successfully created the provincial-level fruit and vegetable picking tourism base, Chaiqiao Hetou Village and Chunxiao Shuangshi Community were named as 3A-level village scenic by Municipal Tourism Administration and Municipal Agricultural Office.

A good brand also needs good publicity. The district tourism department actively built up an online and offline linkage marketing mechanism and organized more than 40 online and offline activities through the "Beilun Tourism" WeChat platform, pushing nearly 200 articles and reading volume exceeding 1 million, ranking first phalanx in the province's tourism administration platform and Ningbo government platform, becoming to the main front of displaying the our district’s tourism brand image.

At the same time, the district tourism department stepped up "going global" marketing and successively participated in the Ningbo Tourism Promotion Year and the national tourism convention and exhibition held by the Municipal Tourism Administration in various places to promote the tourism image of Beilun city. Strengthening and deepening the development of tourism resources and tourism routine marketing, according to the market demand, we developed the most beautiful rural tourism route in Beilun and Beilun land connecting line and treatment and recuperation line products, and successfully introduced China Travel Hotline Alliance, the largest tourism alliance in China. Last year, nearly 20,000 people from the alliance organizations came to Beilun for tourism accommodation.

Improve service to build public praise

Good tourist industry attracts tourists to visit and a good tourist market service as well as order will make tourists want to stay. In 2017, our district accelerated the improvement of tourist public service facilities, constructing and reconstructing 17 tourist toilets, newly building 3 tourist service centers, including Kun Ting, Chunxiao Huahai Da’ao Farm and Jiufeng Mountain. Administrative examination and approval has been further regulated, and the travel agency approval has also been included in the administrative examination and approval "Run at most once" category.

To strengthen tourism benefiting people efforts, we opened 167 free tourist buses from the city to Jiufeng Mountain and the modern agricultural park for spring travel holiday, shipping more than 50,000 tourists. While it is convenient for tourists and citizens, it also relieves the traffic pressure of urban area. 8 tourism enterprises in the district were selected for the first batch of "Ningbo Vocational and Technical Staffing and Hospitality Promotion Base", and staff can recuperate at the promotion base to enjoy many concessions in tickets, accommodation, catering and so on.

We have smoothed travel complaints channels and strengthened tourism supervision and law enforcement inspection. Last year, the district tourism department organized special inspections such as "unreasonable low-cost travel", tourist advertisements, tourist contracts, standardized operation of shops, and "unlicensed businesses", we rectified more than 10 general violations on site, issued time-limited rectification notification for 3 copies, interviewed 2 heads of travel agencies, regulating business operations. We have received a total of 21 types of tourist complaints with the completion rate of 100% last year.

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