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The 13th Plum Blossom Festival of Nine Peaks Mountain is About to Start.
2018-02-07 08:59:56

Nine Peaks Mountain Tourist Area with beautiful scenery and sight fluttering flags is a resort for citizen tourists to go for leisure, fitness and tourist. Every early year on February, the plum blossom in scenic spot are all in full blossom, the plum blossom festival which has been held for consecutive 12 years has become a tourist “golden card”, consequently enhanced the reputation and popularity of Beilun.

On February 10 of this year, the 13th plum blossom festival of Nine Peaks Mountain will be opened on Wang Ao scenic area of Nine Peaks Mountain tourist area and will end on March 9. In this early spring, with sweet plum blossom, strolling in the plum blossom forest of Nine Peaks Mountain, you will feel like wandering in the sea of snow with full of fragrant. There poses a moving scenery in the contrast with the plum blossom with thousands of gestures and landscapes of Nine Peaks Mountain.

During the festival activities, the Chinese traditional custom for new year’s blessing will be arranged in Wang Ao scenic area. It’s a symbol of China's blessing culture to hang a red ribbon on wishing bridge. It’s a special mark worthy of memory in a lifetime to tie the ribbon with written blessing to the wishing bridge for expressing best wishes to our family members, relatives and friends, lovers, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. There will also bulid a stage to show Children's artistic performances from Popular Taekwondo, Funk Drum School, Hong Kong Dragon Dance, Hello Baby Education, Child Star Model, etc.. With the complementary combination of this dynamic view and tourist attractions like plum blossom, river and architecture, Tourists will enjoy the tranquility beauty of plum blossoms while appreciating the performances. On February 10-11,and 24-25, March 4-5, tourists in Rain Prayer pool will get free cookies, hot drinks, cakes and other exquisite gifts + parent-child DIY. On February 10, 16-19, 24-25, March 8, tourists by using the tickets on that day will find the treasure hunt badge in the plum garden, and then could exchange prizes at the visitor center. On weekends, here will hold the selection activity of the most beautiful plum blossom fans, and anyone who becomes the fan of the official WeChat platform of "Beilun tourism, Nine Peaks Mountain tourist area and Ningbo Nine Peaks Mountain" will receive an exquisite gift. People living with flowers and flowers “alive” with people will this festival more vivid, more humanistic and more cultural.

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