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Expressway free for Passenger Car from New Year's eve 0 AM to the sixth day 12 PM
2018-02-08 08:59:56


GDEC(Reporter: Chan Chi Ming) Journalists from City Highway Bureau was informed that the highway free time starts on February 15, 0am and ends on February 21, 12pm, a total of 7 days. The free time period is based on the time when the vehicle driving away from the export toll lane. After the beginning and before the end, paper traffic vouchers will be issued. Besides, the car that holds the ETC card will be up and down from the ETC lane for free and will not be charged.

The vehicle type of this highway free is below 7 passenger vehicles (including 7 seats), for saving time, the vehicles that meets the criteria will be released by lifting lever directly without issuing card. Compared with other holidays for highway free, the transportation of the Spring Festival holiday is mainly based on long-distance trips and short trips to relatives and friends, the traffic of folk temple fairs and important scenic spots will be concentrated. According to the forecast, during the Spring Festival holiday travel peak will appear in on the February 13 after 3 pm, 14-15th 7 am to 11 am, then return travel peak may occur on the afternoon of February 19, and the whole day of February 20 to February 21.

The traffic police department reminds us that during the Spring Festival, we have a large flow of people and traffic; Please arrange your travel time reasonably and make preparations in advance. At the same time, please do not occupy the emergency lane on the road. Please do not change lanes in the tunnel and overtaking is prohibited.

How to determine the highway for free when up and down? It is understood that the free time is based on the time when the vehicle driving away from the highway export toll lane. And for the ordinary road it’s based on the time when passing the toll lane. In other words, it’s still free that when getting in the highway during the charging period and off the highway during free period. But on the other hand, it will be charged that when getting in the highway during free period and off the highway during charging period.

The relevant person in charge of district traffic department said, from the past years, the traffic of the Spring Festival is relatively better than the other free time, it has to do with the long period of Spring Festival with long return period, also the motorists have been able to face “free” rationaly after more than 10 times, they can pay more attention to traffic, and choose time consciously, all of these will be good for the highway free of the Spring Festival. “During the holiday, the traffic around the scenic spots and temple fairs will be concentrated, Please choose public transportation as far as possible. If you are driving, please know the information of road condition in advance, plan your schedule reasonably, and avoid rush hour and traffic jam as much as possible.” The person in charge reminded.

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