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“0.9km Charging Area” in the Core Urban Area
2017-03-03 10:08:40

Easy Purchase but Difficult Charging Dilemma Eliminated

Reporter Cai Xiaoxin Correspondent Wu Xingmei

When talking about purchasing new energy automobile, many persons may be interested in the green and environmental protection idea of new energy car on one side; on the other side, they may be perplexed about easy buying but difficult charging.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Beilun District Development and Reform Bureau, after issuing of Specialized Planning on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development in the Central Urban Area of Ningbo City during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, it is expected the problems such as pollution of exhaust from cars and unharmonious development of charging infrastructure and electric vehicle would be solved. According to the planning, by 2020, the demand for public charging piles would be 353 points and the service radius of public charging in the core area would be less than 0.9km.


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Stable Advance in Charging Pipe Construction and 251 Piles Completed by the End of 2016

In 2014, Mr. Wang, who lives in Sunlight Apartment in Xinqi Street, became the first person having bought EV and installed private charging pile in Beilun District, from then, he opened up a green life. Every time, his car may be directly charged after parking it on his own parking space and connects the plug on the charging facility into the charging socket on his EV.

So far, in Beilun District, there are 179 blade electric vehicles (BEV) and 582 hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), including 42 electric public buses. EV charging pile construction was synchronized with the EV promotion. By the end of 2016, the number of EV charging piles increased stably; totally 251 charging piles have been built, including 58 for electric public buses, 76 public charging piles and 117 private charging piles.

“At present, the ownership of various new energy vehicles is limited”, said the principal from the Beilun District Development and Reform Bureau to the report. As an environment-friendly trip mode, new energy vehicles and supporting facilities are under promotion and construction by the governmental departments. “With the increase in ownership of EV, the enterprises’ enthusiasm in building charging piles will be boosting, so as to enter into a rapid development trend”.

Service Condition May Be Viewed through Your Mobile Phone

Currently, several companies are engaged in construction of public charging piles and private charging piles, including Ningbo Power Supply Company, Ningbo Telaidian New Energy Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Lvjie New Energy Co., Ltd. A large number of charging piles have been completed, which are located in Beilun Power Supply Business Hall, Fubang Century Plaza, Yintai City, Beilun Changjiang Vehicle Repair Plant, Bixiu Villa, etc.

The reported learned, since EV has a limited cruising distance and has high dependent on charging pile, many APPs are developed by the charging pile operators. The car owners may search or make an appointment with the surrounding charging piles through the APP on their mobile phone, such as e-charging network, Telaidian and Ningbo Energy; after charging, they may pay through their mobile phone.

“With realization of charging pile positioning and mobile phone payment through APP, as well as application of the Internet technology, the convenience and efficiency will facilitate availability of new energy vehicles everywhere, that is to say, in the city and on the expressway”, said Weng Xiaochun, Regional Marketing Director of Ningbo Telaidian New Energy Co., Ltd.

With Strengthened Construction of Charging Piles, the Service Radius to be less than 0.9km

In Beilun in the future, charging for EVs will be more convenient. According to the Planning, the demands for charging piles are predicted. By 2020, totally 353 public vehicle charging piles are needed and the ratio between the public charging piles and EVs would not be less than 1:7; the ratio between the private charging piles and the EVs will be 1:1 and the charring service radius in the urban core area will be less than 0.9km.

Where and how will these charging piles be built? According to the introduction of the staff from the Beilun District Development and Reform Bureau, based on the planning requirement and actual conditions, the private charging facilities will be constructed on the principle of “pile carried with vehicle and arrangement as per demand”; the dedicated piles shall be determined by the vehicle users, vehicle manufacturer and charging facilities construction and operating enterprises according to the actual conditions. Public charging facilities should be set up in view of actual demand and site construction condition, and supporting slow and quick charging facilities should be constructed in shopping malls, hospitals, tourist distributing center and social parking lots.

In the future, the safeguard measures for the construction of charging piles will be more improved. Starting from many aspects such as land, capital, related polices and operation service facilities, the Planning pertinently solves the dilemma of easy buying but difficult charging.

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