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RMB6 Billion for New Round of Environmental Improvement
2017-03-15 09:31:14

This year, the ecological civilization construction in Beilun is “upgraded” once again. It is planned to invest RMB6 billion to implement 70 ecological civilization construction projects, covering five aspects of atmospheric environment improvement, water environment improvement, soil environment improvement and urban and rural environment improvement and ecological safeguard.

In recent days, the wastewater deep treatment project constructed by Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. was put into operation. The treated wastewater is recycled and the wastewater recycle rate increases from around 80% to over 94%, taking the lead in the demotic steel and iron industry.

“According to the current operation, we can reduce the emission of wastewater by 3 million tons a year, which is equivalent to the emission of domestic wastewater from a 60,000 citizen town a year”, said Deng Ping, Direction of the Environmental Protection Department of Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Last year, Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. invested RMB93 to advance wastewater deep treatment and this year it planned to invest RMB450 for transformation and upgrading of over 60 projects; among them, the ecological projects account for a half, especially the haze problem the masses react against severely. This company plans to implement the activated carbon flue gas cleaning project with sintering machines.

“After we installed this new plant, not only can it work for desulfuration and denitration, but also it can remove dioxin. The standard reached through the design is one time lower than the most rigorous national standard”, said Han Jianguo from Technical Transformation and Management Department of Last year, Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Like Last year, Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., large-scale enterprises such as Zhejiang Yisheng Petrochemical and Formosa have water and air improvement projects. Among the ecological construction projects listed in Beilun, water and air related projects till account for large proportion. This year, Beilun plans to invest RMB35 million for water improvement, specifically special improvement for “low, small and scattered” enterprises with great impact on the water environment, so as to ensure zero emission of wastewater. In terms of air environment improvement, Beilun plans to invest RMb200 million to control volatile organic compounds in the fields of chemical engineering, coating, storage and transportation. By the end of this year, 70% of improvement projects for related enterprises will be completed and deep emission reduction work will be implemented further for the pollution sources such as power plants.

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