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“Bugle Call” for More Investment Promotion
2017-03-23 12:41:50

Recently, Beilun was preparing for the agreement signing work on RMB1.0 billion industry funds of integration circuit. In the future, this district will depend on funds to develop the integrated circuit industry, give priority to supporting and introducing quality projects and make up the industrial gap to provide powerful impetus for the strategic emerging industry. Adjustment to new thinking and development of new industry is becoming the new change of Beilun District in investment promotion.

Recently, the list of 2016 Zhenjiang Provincial Top Ten Counties, Cities and Districts in Foreign Investment was published; according to the list, Beilun District “takes the lead” among the players with USD1.0621 billion of foreign investment in actual use. In addition, among the front ten development zones in terms of foreign investment in actual use in Zhejiang Province, the Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone is topped the list.

In 2015, the foreign investment in actual use by Beilun District was USD 1.0 billion, ranking the second place in the province; in 2016, relying on the port-surrounding advantageous industries such as energy, petrochemical, automobile and parts and modern service industry, its foreign investment in actual use grew steadily, reaching USD 1.062 billion and taking the first place in this province.

Meanwhile, the foreign investment structure in Beilun District is constantly optimized and the modern service industry is becoming the “pool” of foreign investment in actual use. Last year, there were 22 projects with the total investment of more than USD10 million, including 16 ones in the service industry. The Meishan Bonded Port Area attracted 10 enterprises engaged in finance lease and investment management, with a contractual foreign investment of USD130 million.

The high growth also brings about contradiction in industrial structure. The usable land and high-level talents are inadequate, which becomes the main restraint for Beilun District to introduce quality foreign funded projects. Facing the new normal, deepening reform is extremely urgent.

We can realize long-term development if keeping vigilant in peace time. In early 2017, the mobilization meeting of “investment promotion year, enterprise service year” activities was held in Beilun to further build consensus, determine the investment orientation, advance investment reform, focus on the investment highlight and coordinate the investment force from the strategic perspective of the country, province and city. A vigorous mass campaign for investment promotion and enterprise service was unfolded across the district.

Actions speak louder than words. In early March, Beilun District issued Several Opinions of CPC Beilun District Committee on Deepening Reform and Promoting Investment. According to this document, the district further defines the responsibility of each functional department and promotes the investment work in terms of guiding ideology, organizational structure, element guarantee, reward mechanism, etc. “This is a systematic and comprehensive major reform of investment promotion work in Beilun District in the new situation, which will play an important guide role in industrial structure and sustainable development of economy throughout the district”, said the responsible person of the investment promotion department.

In this document, joint foreign investment promotion by the development zone, Ningbo International Marine Ecologic Sci-Tech City and Daxie Development Zone is mentioned for the first time. In the list of specific responsibility, the joint conference system for three-side investment promotion will be established to set up the investment promotion information interactive platform for major projects and formulate the implementation measures for labor competition in investment promotion.

“Next step, Beilun will listen to and collect the implementation of each department, transversely expand and longitudinally advance the reform of investment promotion work, so as to realize constant optimization of regional investment structure”, said the responsible person of the investment promotion department.

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