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Beilun District Signs with CAS for Project Cooperation
2017-03-30 15:00:46


On the afternoon of Mar. 28, Beilun District signed with Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) for project cooperation. The agreement was signed in the witness of Qiu Dongyao, Deputy Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, Ding Zhongli, Vice President of CAS and President of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mao Hongfang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Beilun District Party Committee, Director of the Administration Committee of the Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Wang Jianshe, Secretary General of the Ningbo Municipal Government, and Hu Kui, Deputy Secretary of the Beilun District Party Committee, Mayor, Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of the Development Zone and Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee. Before signing, Qiu Dongyao met Ding Zhongli and his delegation.

As a “national team” devoted to science and technology, CAS is a main force in China’s self-dependent innovation and also a “big resource treasury”. The cooperation between Ningbo and CAS has lasted for nearly two decades. In terms of jointly building R&D organization and industrialization platform, commercialization of major research findings and advancing talent exchange, both parties collaborated well and achieved great fruits, which plays an important role in advancing Ningbo’s economic and technical development. By virtue of the framework agreement signed between the Beilun District Government and Environmental Protection Technology Alliance of University of CAS, both parties will focus on pragmatic cooperation in environmental protection technology and industry, adequately exert their own advantages to jointly build Beilun into environmental protection and improvement R&D base with domestic and international influence, so as to make contributions to China’s environmental protection undertaking. In addition, the Administration Committee of the Development Zone signed CAS formaldehyde-free project investment cooperation agreement with the Physics and Chemical Institute of CAS. Institute of Process Engineering, CAS also signed cooperation agreements with the enterprises such as Ningbo Jingyuan Environment and Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo).

Qiu Dongyao extended his gratitude to CAS’ strong support to Ningbo’s development. He said, all walks of life in Ningbo are constructing the city into an international port city and an oriental civilized city. We hope CAS will support Ningbo’s construction and development as always and strengthen support in environmental improvement and energy conservation and environmental protection, help the ecological civilization construction, accelerate and advance overall and in-depth cooperation, so as to realize a win-win development situation.

Ding Zhongli expressed his thanks to the warm reception. He said, Ningbo is an excellent place for entrepreneurship and innovation, which has great development potential and promising cooperation prospect. Next step, CAS will actively give play to its own advantages, continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation between both parties, bring more international leading environmental protection technologies, projects and industries to Beilun, Ningbo for transformation and transfer, jointly build a distributing center of international cutting-edge environmental protection technology and help China’s environmental protection undertaking and Ningbo’s economic and social development.

On Mar. 29, Ding Zhongli and his team visited Beilun Urban Exhibition Hall and inspected the CAS City Environment Institute Observation Station and the recommended environmental protection town lot. The district leaders Zhu Anwei, Pan Qunwei and Gu Liqun participated in this activity.

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