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Great Achievements Made in Beilun’s Ecological Construction
2017-04-10 17:10:31


Flowers come out in March and in full bloom in April. The most beautiful season in the year comes. Recently, the oriental cherries on Taishan Road have refreshed many “Circles of Friends”. Clusters of flowers full of trees, white and pink, wind for hundreds of meters, what a beautiful scene! Behind this scene, there were great efforts made by the Beilun people in recent years.

On the overbridge at the Zhonghe Station of Ningbo LRT, Ms. Zhang and her younger sister from Ningbo were busy in taking photos. She told the reporter they were deeply attracted by the beautiful scenes in her “Circle of Friends” and came here for sightseeing.


“It’s very beautiful. My “Circle of Friends” was full of these scenes yesterday, so I came here today. It’s very beautiful here and I came over for taking a few”, said Ms. Zhang.

The cherry trees on Taishan Road stand in two rows, with attractive flowers in full bloom to form a beautiful cherry tree avenue. The sunlight passes through the flowers. After spring breeze blows, the mild flower smell diffuses in the air and many citizens with their family come to see these scenes like Ms. Zhang. Some came here by bike for riding.

There are several stations along Taishan Road. Many citizens to take the Ningbo LRT were attracted by the scenes. They slowed down their pace and took photos with their mobile phone.

The oriental cherries along the road add beauty to busy Taishan Road and let the passing-by citizens’ mood in good condition.

The oriental cherry scene along Taishan Road is just an epitome of Beilun’s ecological construction. If you gaze into the distance, there is green scene across Beilun in early spring. The changes in urban area bring perceptual intuition to the masses; in addition to convenience in their living, there is environmental improvement.

In recent years, Beilun District comprehensively launched the construction of “National Ecological District” according to the strategy of “building the district with ecology”. It has invested “5×RMB3 billion” in upgrading engineering, including air quality improvement, inland river water quality improvement, green network construction, environmental protection infrastructure construction and ecological remediation, promoting district industrial structure transformation and backward production capacity elimination, thus the ecological environment quality across the district improves constantly and the air quality stabilizes and improve and the masses’ satisfaction to the environmental quality improves gradually.

During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the gross regional domestic product of Beilun grew by 49% and energy consumption of total output value per 10,000 yuan decreased by 20%. Last year, the air quality in Beilun stabilized and improved and the rate of good air quality reached over 85%, hitting a new high in three years. The number of days for heavy pollution of air quality was zero. In 2016, Beilun was honored the title of “National Ecological District”.

This year, Beilun will advance the construction of national ecological civilization construction demonstration district and national ecological civilization township and town. It has determined 50 livable urban construction projects with a total investment of about RMB8.8 billion. Beautifying the ecological environment is and will be a highlight currently and in the future.

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