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General Spot Check over Imported Foodstuff
2017-04-10 17:10:31

Recently, the reporter together with two enthusiastic citizens, and staff from the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau and Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau entered Carrefour, snack store and Wu-Mart on Xinda Road for special spot check over the imported foodstuff.

“Many people favor this Swiss triangular chocolate and this imported candy like QQ candy. That kind can be played and eaten, so children like is. We’ll take some to check”, the enthusiastic citizens Ms. Jiang and Ms. Ma participating in the spot check told to the vendor while taking the foodstuff to be spot-checked.

In a few supermarkets, Ms. Jiang and Ms. Ma chose the top-selling or branded foodstuff in the market. They carefully checked the production date and expiration date, as well as the Chinese label. “I participate in this activity to learn how the government checks on the imported foodstuff on the one hand; on the other hand, it can add my knowledge about imported foodstuff choice. After the spot check today, we can advertise what we’ve learnt to our relatives and friends. Such activities are very meaningful”, Ms. Jiang said to the reporter.

In the snack store, the two enthusiastic citizens checked the Chinese label of all kinds of imported foodstuff. “Some days ago, some yoghourt smuggled from Vietnam flowed into the market through some snack stores, so we’d better keep a vigilant eye on it”, said Ms. Ma.

The two enthusiastic citizens also the imported foodstuff such as chose puffed food, chocolate, liquor and beverage with countries of origin of Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and Korea. The staff from the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau and Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued Sampling Sheet for Food Security Sampling Inspection against the commodities under spot check, on which carries the name, producer, production address and storage method of the spot-checked foodstuff. These sheets were sealed up for safekeeping on the site. The staff from the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau checked the operator’s business license for completeness and validity, conformity of imported foodstuff and scope of permission, as well as law compliance of supply channel and Chinese label of imported foodstuff, so as to ensure the source of imported foodstuff is lawful and their quality is safe and reliable.

A total of 27 batches of imported foodstuff were spot-checked this time. All the spot-check results will be announced to the citizens through WeChat Public Account of the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau and website after one month. In addition, the staff from the Beilun District Market Supervision Bureau reminded citizens, when buying the imported foodstuff, they should see clearly the contents on the Chinese label, such as name, country of origin, producer and dealer’s name, address and contact, production and expiration dates. The more normative the label, the more regular the supply channel is. In addition, pay attention to the approved document for import. “In the regular approved document for import, there is product name, place of origin, arrival date, inspection date and means of transport, etc.”, said the staff.

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