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Students from Beilun Middle School Enrolled by Columbia University
2017-04-12 14:56:31

Recently, Beilun Middle School was informed of good news: Guo Jinglei, a student from 2014 “China-America Class” of Beilun Middle School was successfully enrolled to The FU Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science - Columbia University after study in Muhlenberg College for three years. From then on, he started his study career in Columbia University. Reportedly, after Guo finished his study in Columbia University, he will be conferred with double degrees by Muhlenberg College and Columbia University.


Since the establishment of Beilun Middle School-International Department in September 2009, the students have been enrolled in overseas famous universities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia in 7 school years. Under the leadership of President's Office, the International Department has adhered to the teaching and learning styles of “advanced idea, firm foundation” and “diligent, practical-minded, disciplined and enterprising”. All its activities focus on students’ all-around and sustainable development to strive for creating the best cultivation environment, so that the best “take-off runway” will be offered to its students in a precise and caring manner.

After the school-running exploration for years, the “China-America Class” has established a range of scientific and reasonable teaching mechanisms, including tutorial system, upperclassman system and family-school liaison system, so that the students are attended and guided from the very beginning of admission to Beilun Middle School. The Chinese and foreign teachers work together to exploit students’ potential and actively develop their personal specialties. As a result, not only did the graduates go smoothly in their study, but also they knew thanksgiving and stuck to their own dreams. Among them, Yao Shuyi was successfully enrolled to Master in Finance of Columbia University; Sun Ying obtained a recommendation letter for work and applying for post-graduate learning by the dean and highest scholarship every year; Tao Yihan performed well in University of British Columbia and Warwick Business School; and Shen Rui was recruited by CollegeDaily - a most influential independent news press - as an intern…

The School of Engineering & Applied Science - Columbia University is the third school in the history of America and also the second oldest school of engineering in New York. In October 1997, a mysterious Chinese merchant Z.Y.FU donated USD26 million to this school, therefore this school was called the FU School of Engineering & Applied Science. This school was considered performing best in terms of applied mathematics, biomedical engineering and computer science, etc. Its financial engineering is considered ranking the first place in the world. The FU School of Engineering & Applied Science boasts 27 academicians of National Academy of Engineering and 1 Nobel Prize Winner.

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