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In 1st Anniversary of Cross-Border E-Commerce Policy, Sales Volume Exceeds RMB 5bn
2017-04-19 14:47:44

In Apr. 8, 2016, the cross-border new tax system was officially issued. Only two months later, related department announced to respite the Apr. 8 new policy for one year. In March 2017, related department declared the new policy will be suspended to the end of this year. In this one year, after short-term growing pains for the cross-border enterprises in Ningbo, they continued to experience a rapid growth potential. According to the news from Ningbo Customs, as of Apr. 7, 2017, Ningbo Customs totally approved 25.5249 million import declaration forms for cross-border e-commerce, worth RMB5.274 billion, up by 41.03% and 29.46%, YoY. The dedicated warehouses for cross-border e-commerce totally dispatched over 28 million parcels and the cross-border platform increased by 10.26 million of consumers. The commodities mainly included 1,000 kinds of consumer goods such as baby diapers, foodstuff, infant milk powder and makeup.

To date, the pilot enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo have exceeded 800. On the “top 200 enterprises list for 2016 Ningbo import, export and amount of imports” issued by Ningbo Municipal Commerce Commission, 7 Ningbo cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the Ningbo Bonded Area are selected to top 200 in terms of imports. Recently, Ningbo Taotaoyang International Trade Co., Ltd. became the first e-commerce enterprise in Ningbo that was listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

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