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Beilun’s General Financial Revenue Continues to Rank 1st in the 1st Quarter
2017-04-21 14:56:31

The reporter learned from the Beilun District Bureau of Finance, in the first quarter this year, Beilun District (including Daxie Development Area, Bonded Area, the same below) recorded the general financial revenue of RMB 14.22 billion, up by 23.5% YoY, still keeping the first place in Zhejiang Province. Beilun District and development area posted RMB9.22 billion, increasing by 29.3%.

Beilun District’s general financial revenue has taken the lead for 4 consecutive years. In this first quarter, the data continues the good situation of “good start” in January and also lays a firm foundation for the annual fiscal revenue. In the first quarter, Beilun realizes general public budget revenues of RMB7.32 billion, up by 19.35 YoY, including RMB6.63 billion of tax revenue, accounting for 90.6% of general public budget revenues, which reflects the sustainability of fiscal revenue.

By virtue of good port resource advantages, the Meishan Bonded Area has transformed to an important function bearing area and port logistics service leading area for “One Belt One Road” strategy. Its radiation and leading role is constantly enhanced, so as to become the main growth source of Beilun District, even the municipal fiscal revenue. From January to March, the Meishan Bonded Area realizes general financial revenue of about RMB2.97 billion, up by 64.7%, contributing to 43.2% of Beilun District’s general financial revenue, and accomplishes about RMB1.42 billion of general public budget revenue, increasing by 30.9% YoY.

The fast growth in fiscal revenue provides an important safeguard for Beilun District to improve the people’s livelihood. The reporter learned from the Beilun District Development and Reform Bureau, the livable urban area construction projects identified by Beilun District this year include ecological environment beautifying, urban area function optimization, public service upgrading, civilization quality improvement and public security safeguard, each of which corresponds to 10 livelihood projects, totally 50 projects with a total investment of about RMB 8.8 billion.

This year, Beilun District will continue to advance the low emission transformation of Beilun Power Plant 1# and 2# generating units, Ningbo Steel environment improvement upgrading, Ningbo Beilun Environmental Protection Solid Waste Disposal Co., Ltd. incineration project (Third Phase) and complete upgrading and transformation project of Xinshou Wastewater Treat Plant. Meanwhile, it will control the industrial volatile organic compound from Ningbo Yisheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Formosa Plastics (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. etc., striving to reach the domestic leading level in terms of source reduction, process control, end treatment and environmental management.

This year, Beilun District will advance the construction work of national ecological civilization demonstration district and national ecological civilization demonstration town, continue to create beautiful countryside routes, and deepen beautiful countryside construction in the Baifeng Shangyang area, Caiqiao Zhishi area, Xiaogang West area and along the beautiful mountain and river roads.

We have to constantly optimize the urban area function if a high quality city is successfully created. We have to constantly build the dredging port transportation network extending in all directions, covering the connecting line engineering between the Dredging Expressway and the Meishan Bonded Ares, widening of Beilun to Guoju Section, and G329 Yuwang to Chenhua Section. The Chunxiao Ecological Leisure Park, Coastal New City Slow Traffic System (First Phase Project) and Great Beach (First Phase Project) will further improve the Beilun leisure tourism facilities conditions. Beilun this year plans to build 39 bike renting points and increase 1,165 bikes to further optimize the public transportation supporting service.

This year, Beilun District will continue to advance optimization engineering of education facilities layout, promote the construction, expansion and reconstruction of a range of schools such as Taihe Middle School, Lingshan Middle School, Minshan Middle School, Ningbo (Beilun) Practical Training Center and Yangshashan School, and accelerate making up the weakness in education resources. Zongrui Hospital, Xiaogang Hospital, Xinqi Gaotang Community Health Service Center, and Guiju Street Community Health Service Center will further solve the problems of difficulties in seeing the doctor.

This year, Beilun District will carry out all forms of cultural activities benefiting the people, including 380 operas, 900 movies and 15,000 books offered to the countryside to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses.

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