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Only Half an Hour to Zhoushan by High-Speed Rail
2017-04-21 14:50:17

New progress is made in the Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway paid much attention. Recently, the transportation “great battle” mobilization meeting was held in Zhoushan, where the Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway Construction Headquarters officially hung out its shingle. After its completion, the citizens in Beilun will only spend half an hour to Zhoushan to enjoy seafood in Shen Jiamen.

The Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway is the main framework of Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan Great Channel — part of the Jinghua-Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway. The Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan Great Channel, in layman’s terms, is used to connect Yiwu with Zhoushan Port.

If we want to connect the world’s first port Zhoushan Port with the world’s first small commodity market Yiwu, the weakest link is undoubtedly the railway, while the railway is the core link of the port container transportation system. According to the plan, the initial section of Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway will be commenced before the end of next year.

According to Zhejiang Provincial Railway Network Planning (2011~2030), the preliminary function of the Ningbo-Zhoushan Railway is designed for passenger transport mainly together with freight transport. In the two schemes for connecting Beilun and Zhenhai, related experts basically select the scheme to connect Beilun via the Beilun West Railway Station.

The design route alignment for connecting Beilun is as follows: starting from Zhoushan Island, via Zezi island and Jintang Island, entering Beilun and accessing into the Beilun Branch, then along the coastal railway to the Jinhua-Ningbo Railway, and ending at the Ningbo Railway Station, totally about 91.7 km.

At present, Ningbo has begun electrification transformation to the Beilun Branch, aimed at realizing design speed of 200km. Thus, it will take half an hour from Ningbo to Zhoushan.

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