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E-Pass Available to Taiwan since Apr. 24
2017-04-24 14:51:28

The reporter learned from the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Exit & Entry Administration will start using e-pass to Taiwan since Apr. 24. At that time, when the authorities handle the pass application for Taiwan, the old pass will be refused.

The e-pass is made by reference to international standard, which is embedded with non-contact integrated circuit chip. While endorsement, related information is directly printed on the back of pass instead of posting a paper slip as before. The validity of e-pass to/fro Taiwan for adult is extended by 10 years; for those under 16 years old, they will be issued a pass of 5-year validity.

According to the provisions, those who apply for pass to/fro Taiwan shall leave their fingerprint information. For those who have left their fingerprint information to leave or enter the mainland, they may be cleared by the customs by themselves. After the e-pass to/fro Taiwan is enabled, the valid old pass may be used further.

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