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Mao Hongfang Investigates Quality Upgrading of Central Urban Area
2017-05-04 14:56:31


On the afternoon of May 3, Mao Hongfang, Member of the Ningbo Municipal Party Standing Committee and Secretary of the Beilun District Party Committee led a team in investigating the quality upgrading of central urban area. He stressed during the investigation, we should stick to the idea of people foremost, focusing on the target location for construction of healthy city, business city, garden city and forest city, build diversified excellent city elements to attract more popularity and businesses and let the masses have more sense of gain in the city development. The district leaders Huang Lirong and Hu Lihui also participated in the investigation.

While walking, Mao Hongfang listened to related principals’ reporting about the reconstruction of Hengshan Road, fitness walk along Taihe Road, congestion control in the central urban area, reconstruction of Renmin Road, west extension of Baoshan Road, renovation of traffic guideboards, container truck parking lot and container yard improvement. He also inspected the development and construction of Bodi Cinema City and Tongshan Academy of Classical Learning.

On the symposium, after listening to the quality upgrading of Beilun central urban area, Mao Hongfang said, while upgrading the city quality, we should find fix the orientation, overall plan and generally consider and implement the plan in a unified manner. He emphasized, we should be clear about the orientation of city quality upgrading, seize the direction and focus on the target location of healthy city, business city, garden city and forest city to advance this work, we should comprehensively enhance the function and quality, featured landscape and ecological environment of Beilun urban area. We should advance the construction of fitness green walk and urban area garden system, raise the urban landscaping level, improve the leisure function of parks such as Phoenix Park, so as to benefit the citizen’s life to the greatest extent. We should advance upgrading of urban night view lighting system, brighten the key links, key parks and important buildings to create city night scene and enhance the urban lighting construction level. We should change our ideas to integrate resources, relieve the traffic congestion in the central urban area and solve the difficulty of parking car in the urban area; to this end, we should improve the road passability and enhance the city traffic management level.

According to the introduction, Beilun District will overall implement the spirit of the central government about urban working conference, strategic target of “rich in material and spirit” and “build beautiful Ningbo and create a better life” proposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government and general requirements regarding accelerating construction of “famous city” proposed by the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Government. We should work in concert with the action plan of “improve the city quality and build beautiful Ningbo” implemented across the city, by combining the Ningbo reality, we should advance and improve the city quality work mainly from the perspectives of promoting the central urban area development and construction, raising the central urban area city quality and relieving the central urban area traffic congestion within 3-5 years. It is learnt that the construction area in the Beilun central urban area and the undeveloped scope mainly cover the region east to the railway, west to Qiantangjiang Road, North to harbor area (bonded area) and south to Ningchuan Line, mainly including the urban area of Xinqi Subdistrict, Daqi Dubdistrict and Xiapu Subdistrict.

The heads from related bodies also participated in the investigation, including Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, Housing Construction Bureau, Road Transport Bureau, Planning Subbureau, Public Engineering Construction Center, Traffic Police Brigade, Xinqi Subdistrict, Daqi Dubdistrict and Xiapu Subdistrict.

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