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Pick the Fruits in Beilun in Every Quarter
2017-05-13 15:32:29

In recent years, as a new type of ecological tourism, picking tourism emerges gradually. From spring to winter, you may personally pick strawberry, cherry, watermelon, peach, grape, blueberry …feeling the natural scenery and eating seasonal fresh fruits. The orchards become tourists’ new destinations and sources of new income for peasant households. Since the Spring Festival, tourists have come to Beilun for picking. By the end of March, the air temperature rises and picking tourism becomes hot. As long as it is two-day weekend with fine weather, there are many tourists. During the Qingming Festival and May 1 minor vacation, a great number of citizens drive their car to the picking gardens. Aside from strawberry, cherry tomato and mulberry are also their favorites. After the cherry tomato and mulberry seasons, waxberry, yellow peach and watermelon will follow. Among the picking tourists, half of them have picking experience and many are enthusiasts of picking tourism. Since picking tourism is near to the downtown and time-saving, while eating the seasonal fruits, they can visit the idyllic scenery. Therefore, it is accepted and liked by them.


In Beilun, there are destinations of “picking tourism” every month in a year, one fruit comes after another and there is always something to pick in every season. The tourism administration updates the “forecast of fruits in Beilun in the four seasons” every year. Therefore, you may locate your destinations by following up it. At present, you may go to Fenfang Fruit Farmers’ Professional Cooperative to picking berry. In late June and early July, you may pick waxberry in Paimen Village and Hengshan Village in Daqi Subdistrict and Housuo Village in Caiqiao Subdistrict; and in August, you may harvest grape in Dingjiashan Village and juicy peach in the Daao Farm and Yuping Mountain Villa; in September, there are mature Persimmons to pick in Hong’ao Village in Caiqiao Subdistrict; in cool October, you may find Taiwan wax-apples and seedless pomegranate in Xinmian Village in Xiaogang Subdistrict; in November and December, you may pick citrus in Jiutianao, Chuanxiao Subdistrict and calamondin orange in the Daao farm. In winter, strawberries in every area come into the market…In order to absorb customers, many peasant households strive for creativity. The farms launch picking tourism with unique characteristic. In addition to picking fresh seasonal fruits, you may take you child to the farmland and cook the edible wild herbs you have picked. Additionally, they hold picking festival. The “Sanshan calamondin orange” picking festival held in Jiutianao Farm is reputed for the variety of calamondin orange specifically cultivated in Chuanxiao. Sanshan calamondin orange was conferred National Product of Geographical Indication and local famous fruit in Beilun, which is known for its delicious pulp and heavy sour and sweet.

With enriched picking varieties, prolonged picking time and increased picking points, more and more tourists participate in picking tourism. In recent two years, most of the popular fruit picking bases or gardens in Beilun District, including Yuanyan Farm, Daao Farm and Pixiu Mountain Villa, made their gardens even better by providing picking as a “stepping-stone to success”. Together with picking, there are supportive projects such as family travel, catering and leisure, homestay, etc. By integrating picking tourism with agriculture and surrounding tourist attractions, ecological sightseeing, leisure experience and food and lodging, more entertainment projects were developed to provide unique in-depth travel; or according to the different market demand and different groups, to arrange for different activities. They improved the infrastructure at the picking bases, not only can the tourists pick in the gardens, they have places to enjoy tea, admire beautiful scenes and prolong the stay time. Taking picking as a trigger, they further extend the industry, and develop many functions such as catering, lodging, shopping and entertainment, so as to meet tourists’ demands. They develop the unitary fruit picking to diversified farm house enjoyment and drive the regional economy to develop. Furthermore, all sorts of channels are required for advertisement. Picking tourism is developing towards best quality, compound and humanized.

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