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Be Cautious against Traveler Hepatitis

The hepatitis contracted when traveling is usually called traveler hepatitis and the most often seen among the traveler hepatitis cases are those with hepatitis A, and occasionally with hepatitis B and E. Once a group of travelers from a unit went to the seashore for traveling, but soon after that 48 of the young travelers were diagnosed with hepatitis A.

Traveling is both interesting and contributive to health, but it also subjects the travelers to the infection of hepatitis. So, before going out, the travelers should take some precautionary measures against travelers’ hepatitis, such as gain a full understanding of one’s own physique, especially make sure that you have the immunity against hepatitis A.

Generally speaking, men below 35 have relatively lower immunity against hepatitis A. These people can consider whether they should be inoculated against hepatitis A, so as to have sufficient immunity.

Hepatitis A is an intestinal infectious disease. It can be contracted after one has taken the water or food infected with hepatitis A virus. When traveling, travelers should take care of food sanitation. Never eat any seafood raw or half raw, especially shells, such as clams, oysters, shrimps, and crabs. These shells mostly come from the seaside where water is contaminated. They are eatable only if they are sufficiently cooked. Travelers should also have sufficient rest so as to have the physique against illness.

Hepatitis A has a dormant period of 14-30 days. Travelers should pay attention to physical abnormity when they are back. Special medical care should be taken against fever, fatigue, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, or malaise at the lower right abdomen.
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