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First-aid on Tours

Here are some first-aid tips for you in case some emergencies occur on your tours:
Faint: Many factors can cause faints: fatigue, heatstroke, hunger, etc. The patient would suddenly lapse into a coma, pale-faced and soaked through in sweat. Should this occur, pinch and press the part of the hand between the thumb and the forefinger for about two or three minutes long, and it could bring the patient back to consciousness.

Headache: In ordinary cases, it can be alleviated when the patient presses his temples with forefingers until they feel a little pain and then massage them clockwise for about two or three minutes.

Stomachache: Rub the Sanli Acupoints (which are located one finger across from outside the shinbones three inches below the knees) with thumbs. Continue rubbing for about two or three minutes after a sensation of prickling and distending sore is felt, and the pain can be apparently relieved or disappear.

Hypertension: Pressing the Laogong Acupoints (where your middle fingers touch when you clench fists) can control the blood pressure and bring it back to normal gradually. The right way to do it is to press the Laogong with thumbs, and then press each finger in turn, both hands alternately. Remember to keep calm and hold even breaths when you do so. If condition permits, go to hospital immediately.

Angina pectoris: If you do not have nitroglycerin pills at hand, ask another person to pinch the end of your middle fingers until you feel considerable pains. Or you can ask him to press and release in alternate turns for three or five minutes, and take you to hospital without delay.

Cramp: If you get leg or foot cramps, pinch the philtrum with the thumb and forefinger for 20 or 30 seconds, and the muscle will relax and pain alleviated.

Constipation: Press with force the place two inches on the left of the navel when you defecate, until you feel the distension. Keep pressing for about one minute, and you will feel like defecating. Hold your breath to increase the pressure within your abdomen to initiate a bowel movement.

Asthma: Press the Yuji Acupoint (at the thumb-end on the palm) forcibly with the thumb and rub it horizontally for three minutes.

Nosebleed: If someone gets a nosebleed, pinch the sunken part between his ankle and heel immediately. Pinch the right foot if his left nostril is bleeding, and pinch the left foot if his right nostril is bleeding.

Haematemesis: Press the Neiguan Acupoint (the place between the wrist flexor on radius and the palm long tendon, two inches above the lines across one’s palms) with middle fingers for about a minute until a distending sore is felt.

Frequent micturition: Rub the Guanyuan Acupoint (three inches straight below the navel) and the Zhongji Acupoint (four inches straight below the navel) with your forefinger and middle finger respectively before bed every night. Keep doing it every day to alleviate the severity of the symptom.

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