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Guard against Dermatitis

Spring is the best time of a year, also the best time for an outing. When you are intoxicated by the natural beauty, however, you could possibly be annoyed by the springtime dermatitis.

It’s commonly marked by abnormal red patches on the skin, grain-sized rashes or a slight peeling-off of the skin, and in severe cases, followed by blisters.

What gives rise to the springtime dermatitis? Experts say it is a photogenic skin disease, which is mainly caused by allergy to ultraviolet rays. In the four seasons, the ultraviolet content in sun rays is lowest in winter. When the spring comes, the skin cannot get used to the sudden increase of ultraviolet rays, therefore, the damage is done and dermatitis results. Besides, people are fond of tours in the spring. If due care is not exercised to avoid direct sunlight, dermatitis could happen or deteriorate.

Statistics show that approximately 30% of the population are allergic to ultraviolet. People are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet in the spring. People working indoors are more sensitive than those working outdoors, and youngsters are more sensitive than babies and the elderly. Therefore, youngsters and indoor workers are the most vulnerable group of people.

Those who have contracted the spring dermatitis before need extra care on their facial skin before they go out for travel in the spring. They can put on broad-brimmed white hats or carry parasols, wear dark-coloured sunglasses and sunblock for extra protection. In addition, mudsnail, amaranth, shepherd’s purse, lettuce, purslane, buckwheat, fig, radishes and turnips are all photogenic vegetables, a large of consumption of which would make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so the patient should eat less these vegetables. Besides, long-term medication of such drugs as sulfanilamide, tetracycline, and promethazine hydrochloride will also increase the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, therefore you should avoid a long-term use of them.

A minor case of dermatitis needs no medication and it heals spontaneously in a few days. As for a severe case, Hismanal is recommended. Meanwhile, the patient can apply some ointments on the skin, such as, Fluocinolone Acetonide, and Triamcinolone. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay away from pungent food. Stop using low-quality fragrances or cosmetics. Do not rinse the itchy and aching parts with hot water or soaps rich in alkali in case of more irritation.
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