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Precautions against Diarrhoea

First, pay attention to the hygiene of your food, and keep yourself clean. Keep it in mind that ‘illness finds its way in by the mouth’ when you travel. If you can observe it strictly, diarrhoea will not occur to you.

Second, take some medicines as a precaution. Berberine pills are effective for preventing and curing diarrhoea. If you feel discomforts in the stomach or worry about the food sanitation, take two or three pills. They should work fine.

Third, if you come down with acute diarrhoea unfortunately, immediate medication should be taken, because it would deteriorate into chronic enteritis if not timely treated. And enteritis is a recurring disease that is hard to cure. Although it’s not fatal, it may be a lifelong company. Consequently, treatment must be administered with no delay. The following remedies are for your reference:

  • Take berberine pills orally, three pills at a time and three or four times a day.
  • Take furazolidone pills orally, one or two pills at a time and three times a day. Note, an overdose will cause gastrointestinal distress and anorexia.
  • Take imodium capsules orally, two caps at the first time, and then take one more each time after the bowel movement until you recover. But you should take no more than eight caps a day.
  • If no medicines are carried with you, massages should also work. Here’s how: let the patient lie in bed, face down, elbows upright, and both hands supporting the chin. Put a pillow or cushion (about 20 cm thick) under the thigh to bend the body. The masseur presses both sides of the second lumbar spinous process (the projecting bone on the spine that can be seen and felt), with great force downwards toward the feet for two minutes. Repeat the process once and diarrhoea should stop.
A minor case of dermatitis needs no medication and it heals spontaneously in a few days. As for a severe case, Hismanal is recommended. Meanwhile, the patient can apply some ointments on the skin, such as, Fluocinolone Acetonide, and Triamcinolone. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay away from pungent food. Stop using low-quality fragrances or cosmetics. Do not rinse the itchy and aching parts with hot water or soaps rich in alkali in case of more irritation.
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