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Tips on Combating Travel Insomnia

It is generally held that travel can make you light-hearted and easy to fall asleep, but some travelers suffer sleepless nights. Travel insomnia can be caused by poor adaptability to new environment, variations of temperature and moisture, noise, light or smell sensitivity; it can also arise from fatigue, excessive elation, or chronic disease.

In combating sleeplessness, travelers should first keep a pleasant mood, and try to keep routine time for diet and sleep. Do not be over-fatigued and elated. Adapt to the new climatic environment and overcome the strangeness when a new place is reached. If you do not have high blood pressure or liver ailment, drink half a bottle of beer or a cup of milk, but never try strong tea or coffer.

In case these methods do not work on you, you can take some sleeping pills under the advice of the doctor, such as tranquillizer, miltown, or Librium; you can also try some traditional Chinese medical pills, e.g. cinnabar sedative pills or arborvitae seed mind-easing tonic pills. In a nutshell, travel insomnia is not a severe illness. It is curable with caution and proper methods.

In addition, you can try either of the two popular folk approaches.
1) to sleep with your feet pointing to the south and the head to the north, so that your body runs in parallel with the magnetic curves of the earth, that is said to be contributive to a sound sleep;
2)drink a spoon of vinegar mixed in a cup of cold boiled water before going to bed, that will help you fall asleep.
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