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Tips on How to Treat Snakebites

As the National Holiday week is drawing near, tour-lovers are planning their trips. Many young people have regarded those ‘remote mountains and forests’ as their topmost choices. However, these places are also the frequent resorts of poisonous snakes. And the period between summer and autumn is the peak time for their activities. Bushes, grasses and bamboo forests are their favourite hideouts. The famous tourist attraction Zhangjiajie, for example, is also well-known for its large numbers of cobras, banded kraits, turtle-designed snakes and green bamboo snakes. Areas along the Yangtze River, say, Suzhou and Hangzhou, however, are known for the viper.

So tourists are advised to take elastic bandages and lighter (or matches) along when they travel. Do not panic if bitten by snakes. See clearly the shape of the snake that bites you, and see whether the wound hurts, swells or darkens (this would help the doctor make a diagnosis). It is advised to bandage the wound immediately. And the bandage should be tied at the body part above the wound. Meanwhile, disinfect the wound with fire briefly and rinse it with clean water, so that some venom can be cleaned out. Besides, lower the wounded part and avoid movements in case the venom invades other parts of the body.

A reminder for all – snakes are nearsighted and can only look straight ahead. They have no eardrums, thus not responsive to airborne sounds. They identify their enemies and preys with their tongue. When a snake gets in your way, do not disturb it, especially do not produce ground vibration, if it does not attack you in the first place. You’d better wait till it leaves or someone comes to help you. In case a snake is chasing after you, you must not run straight ahead because its speed is far quicker. You should run about in a circuitous manner to get yourself out of its sight and throw it off.

A minor case of dermatitis needs no medication and it heals spontaneously in a few days. As for a severe case, Hismanal is recommended. Meanwhile, the patient can apply some ointments on the skin, such as, Fluocinolone Acetonide, and Triamcinolone. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Stay away from pungent food. Stop using low-quality fragrances or cosmetics. Do not rinse the itchy and aching parts with hot water or soaps rich in alkali in case of more irritation.
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