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Chunxiao Seaside Park

Chunxiao Seaside Park is located in the Yangshashan Mt.area, a pearl on the Chuanshan Island on the east edge of Ningbo. It features spectacular caves, peculiar rocks, soft sand beach, and dancing ostrich. It now provides five items of travel service:
Exploring around the island
Yangshashan Mt. was originally a group of islands, and expanded into a byland after the process of draining the coastal sea land to form fields. Thousands of years of erosion of the seawater result in the widespread caves and rocks in fantastic shapes. It calls for our bravery and skills to explore the streams and caves on the island, searching for the rare local trees and wild animals.  

Seaside Recreation
Rent a large parasol, lie on the sand beach to admire the blue sky and the song of the waves, we’ll get lost in a fancy world.

Special Barbecue
Facing the sea, surrounded by the mountain, we barbecue the ostrich meat and clam which tastes sweet and salty, also Nian’gao and sweet potato. 

Foot washing with sea mud
Sea mud is helpful to cure dermatophytosis. Moreover, immersing our feet in the soft sea mud, we can relax after a long time travel and experience surprising pleasure at catching some clam occasionally.

Ostrich Performance
We can visit the ecological raising center of the ostrich and appreciate the performance of the trainer to stand on the ostrich egg, even ride on the ostrich ourselves with the trainers’ help.
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