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Industry Travel Lines

"Industry survives because of the port, the port becomes prosperous because of industry". The world-famous Beilun Port has charming landscape. There are also splendid views of the islands in the sea, wharfs, ocean-liners, waves, and the setting sun. What is more, the adjacent-Port industry is a scenic highlight too. The factory houses are in picturesque environment. The methodical Container Yards and characteristic Economic Zones display vividly and incisively the full vitality of the Port. The dignified Beilun Steam Electric Plant, magnificent Geely Automobile Factory reflects the grand glamour of modern enterprises. Here you can not only experience the advanced flow-line production, but also apperceive the developing and operational modes of the large-size enterprises. We are convinced that you will not only be deeply impressed by the seas demeanor of Beilun Port, but also enchanted by the flourishing modern industry.

Beilun Port is called the “Oriental Rotterdam”. The new Port rebuilt from 1978 has now become not only one of the major national ports but a world-class port. With magnificent equipment for loading and unloading, grand gantry cranes, the vast sea and the colorful container yards, you will surely enjoy the charm of a modern port. Meanwhile, the beginning point of the Silk Road on the Sea and interesting tales about the oriental business port will present you the rich commercial and tourism culture in Ningbo and the Chinese trade tradition dated over 1000 years ago.

Although you might have traveled around many famous mountains and rivers, seas and lakes and have been amazed by the magic of the grand nature, Geely industry travel will definitely turn over a new leaf for you. Here in the model automobile factory of Geely, you can get a glimpse of the modern assembly line, sense the advanced managing mode and experience the fashionable automobiles of the best cost-efficiency. The brand new tourism culture will lead you into the civilization and wisdom of the mankind.

Owing to the garden-like workshop, the close-ended coal-passing channel, and high dust-proof technology, Beilun Power Plant uses modern scientific technology to provide 1% of the total electricity power of the nation in 2003 without causing any pollution. Doesn’t such advanced scientific technology amaze you? On the other hand, the brightly lit plant’s night view, the magnificent coal-transporting port and the immense sea will make you feel both the human’s wisdom and nature, and their mutual harmony.

Beilun is great oriental port in east China coast. It is a forward post of reform and opening to the outside world. It owns four national level development zones which look like four brilliant and splendid pearls embedding in the east corners of the mainland along the south of the Changjiang River Delta. While placing yourself in this area, the vigor of the Development Zone, the imposing manner of the Free Trade Zone, the dynamic energy of Daxie Islands, the prosperity of the Export Processing Zone, all without exception, annotate to you the great momentum and dynamism of Beilun, this burgeoning port district and its rapidly-developing economy.

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