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Jiufeng Mountain (Nine peak Mt.)

The foot of Jiufeng Mountain starts from Taibai and ends at Ruiyan, with the rolling peaks surrounded in the west of Chaiqiao Town. The nine apposite peaks are like dragon horn, eagle, millstone, hap, and so on. But these peaks are not the highest, and the highest is at Hongao, which has two peaks, one high and one short. The high one is the Peak of Jiufeng Mountain; it is the second peak in Beilun District, at an altitude of 497.4m. 

It is not easy to climb up Jiufeng Mountain at Hongao, because there is no mountain road at all in some place. At the steepest Small Cilinggang and Large Cilinggang, climbers behind could only see the heel of that in front. It is more dangerous to go down the mountain. 

Though hard to climb up, but you could appreciate the attractive sights on the peak. Between the two peaks, we could find terraces and tea gardens layer upon layer. Limpid waters are gurgling toward the valley and hidden in the forests. What a beautiful landscape painting it is! 

Behind the picturesque landscape, there is a moving tale! A long time ago, a big snake at Ruiyan Tempe cultivated itself a little dragon, but because of his cultivation place was near toilet, the Jade Emperor disliked him and only granted him the right of half day's rain. One year, the place experienced a drought, and the trees were withering, but the Dragon King did not fall rain. In order to save the people, the little dragon flew out and rained for three days and nights. Then the Dragon King accused him and Jade Emperor ordered to kill the little dragon on Jiufeng Mountain. When the dragon died, his blood flowed down the mountain and turned a red brook. Local people were in great sorrow and built a dam to stop his blood and then a temple to remember him. It was strange that after the temple was finished, no red water flowed and the cave where the little dragon came out turned a spring, which made the peaches particularly sweet. When the peaches were bit, people found red juice, which was said to be the blood of the little dragon. Gently, the red brook was named "Hongxi" and the peaches here became the famous specialty in Chaiqiao. If you do not believe the story, local people will tell you that the winding green forest was the body of the little dragon. 

The highest peak of Jiufeng Mountain is still hundreds of meters away. On the top, there is a huge purple brown rock, under which bushes and couch grass are flourishing. Looking around on the top, we could appreciate southwestern rolling mountains and northeastern plains, rivers, fields, local cottages spotted on the East China Sea. It is really fairyland! 

The best place to appreciate the attractive Jiufeng Mountain is no ton the peak but on the river named Houyangdian, where we could admire the spring, summer, autumn, winter hues of Jiufeng Mountain, changeable poses of Jiufeng Mountain and the rosy clouds. When the sun is setting and it gets dark, the sky will present colorful clouds, red, yellow, white, green and gray. Upon gentle breeze, it presented a lot of beautiful paintings. When the sun turns a red fire ball, the sky is completely red, and Jiufeng Mountain turns a black silhouette, only the summit is a little golden. 
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