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Top 10 local dishes in Ningbo    Top 10 desserts

  Crystal Sugar Turtle (Bing-tang-jia-yu)
The Soft-shelled Turtle with Crystal Sugar is one of the top 10 local dishes in Ningbo. It first cooked by the Zhuangyuan (Number One Scholar) Mansion...
  Yellow Croaker Fried with Lichen (Tai-cai-tuo-huang-yu)
Yellow-fin tuna that was boned out 200g,green moss detritus 15g,flour200g,yeast 9g,shaoxing wine 15g,refined salt 7.5g,chopped fistular onion 5g,pepper 0.5g,five spices...
  Goose Liver Fried with Veil Fat (Wang-you-bao-e-gan)
With a history of 2000 years, this delicious dish is one of the top 10 dishes of Ningbo...
  Meat with Rice Flour steamed in Lotus Leaves (He-ye-fen-zheng-rou)
Lotus root has been a delicious food for Chinese people for several thousand years and there are lotus dishes, lotus drink and lotus shacks in traditional Chinese culinary art...
  Fresh Abalone with Egg White (Fu-rong-xian-bao)
Fresh Abalone 500 g, 5 eggs, milk, and water
Methods: 1. Mix egg white, water, milk, salt and gourmet ...
  Pot Stewed River Eel ( Guo Shao He Man)
Having a long history, Pot Stewed River Eel is one of ten famous Ningbo local dishes. The numerous rivers and lakes in Ningbo abound in river eels, among which local ones are the best...
  Yellow Fish Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin (Fu Pi Bao Huang Yu )
Yellow Fish Wrapped in Bean Curd Skin is one of the ten famous Ningbo local dishes...
  Color Stewed Yellow Fish (Cai Liu Huang Yu)
Big yellow fish 750g, shrimps 20g, egg cake bits 20g, cooked chicken breast 20g, pea 20g, mushroom 20g, bamboo shoots...
  Yellow Fish Stomach (Huang Yu Yu Du)
Yellow fish 250g, dry yellow fish stomach 150g, cooked ham power 25g, fat pork 30g, onion, peanut oil, meat soup, yellow...

Fried Lichen Cubes (Taicai Xiaofangkao)
Pork belly meat cut into small pieces and put into oil pot with yellow wine, sauce, red preserved bean curd and sugar. Lichen put into oil pot to fried to be crispy and then cover on the meat...

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