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Top 10 local dishes in Ningbo    Top 10 desserts

Meat with Rice Flour steamed in Lotus Leaves (He-ye-fen-zheng-rou)

Lotus root has been a delicious food for Chinese people for several thousand years and there are lotus dishes, lotus drink and lotus shacks in traditional Chinese culinary art. The following are dishes cooked with the savory lotus leaf: lotus leaf meat (He ye rou), lotus leaf chicken (He ye ji), Chicken with Rice Flour steamed in Lotus Leaves (He ye fen zheng ji), Lotus Leaf Xinfen Chicken (He ye xin feng ji), lotus leaf lichee (He ye li zhi), lotus leaf eight-treasure rice pudding (He ye ba bao fan), etc.

Apart from Hangzhou,there are many places where people take the lotus roots as delicious food.,According to the Guangdong new stories by Qu dajun, in Dongguan, people use lotus leaves to wrap japonica rice, fish and meat making a kind savory rice called “lotus rice ”. In addition to lotus leaves,there are hundreds of dishes and desserts cooked with lotus seed,lotus root,petal of the lotus,such as lotus seed pod chicken (Lian peng ji), pork shank with lotus seed (Lian zi ti pang), pod fish with lotus seed (Lian fang yu bao), lotus root griskin soup (Lian ou pai gu tang), lotus root filled with rice and meat (Shu guan ou), confect lotus root (Mi jian chui ou), Ice Lotus in jokul (Xue shan bing lian), Lotus Seed with sweet-scented osmanthus (Gui hua lian zi), Candied Floss with Lotus Seed (Ba si lian zi), Lotus Seed with grape(Pu tao lian zi), Lotus Soft-shelled Turtle (Lian xiang jia yu), Dried Mushrooms Pie with Lotus Seed (Lian zi dong gu he), Meat with Lotus Seed (Lian zi song hua rou), Lotus Sliced Herring (He hua qing yu pian), Lotus Sliced Meat with Cucumber (He hua huang gua rou pian), Lotus Peaking Duck (He lian bei jing ya), Tremella & Lotus Seed Custard (Ying er lian zi geng), Lotus Seed Cake (Lian zi gao) and so on. The dishes cooked with the lotus is like a spanking breeze, making us feel cool and fresh.

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