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Timetable for Coach in Beilun Station

updated on Jan. 4, 2006      Source:Transportation Bureau   
Beilun to Shanghai (express): 7:20(odd date),9:00, 11:35, 15:50
Beilun to Hangzhou (express): 6:30, 7:30, 8:40, 10:00, 12:40, 14:00, 15:50
Beilun to Wenzhou (Deluxe bus): 7:10, Stop over in: Leqing, Liushi, and Wenzhou
Beilun to Changshu:13:10, Stop over in: Suzhou, Changshu
Beilun to Qianxian: 5:40
Beilun to Yiwu: 7:20,Stop over at:Sehnzhou, Dongyang, Yiwu
Beilun to Shangyu: 12:10,stop over in: Luotuo, Guancheng, Cixi, Shangyu
Beilun to Huaqiao: 6:30 every two days
Beilun to Jiaojiang: 6:50, stop over in: Linhai, Huangyan,Liqiao,Jiaojiang
Beilun to Wuxi: 7:00(every other day), stop over in: Suzhou, Wuxi
Beilun to Shipu: 8:10, 12:40, stop over in : Dancheng, Shipu
Beilun to Kaihua: 6:00, stop over in: Jinhua, Lanxi, Quzhou, Changshan, Kaihua
Beilun to Suichang: 6:20 every day, stop over in: Cixi, Shengzhou, Dongyang, Yongkang, Lishui
Beilun to Keqiao: 8:30
Beilun to Huaibin, Henan: 12:00 each day, stop over in:Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Liu’an,Gushi
Beilun to Yuyao, Huangjiabu: 7:30, 9:30, 13:30, 15:30 , stop over in: Longshan, Cixi, Zhouxiang
Beilun to Xikou, Fenghua: 8:30, 12:20, 15:00
Beilun to Wuha:10:00, stop over in:Cixi, Hangzhou, Guangde,Tonglin, Susong, Huangmei,Huanghai, Huangshi, arrive in Hongji Station in Wuhan
Beilun to Bijie, Guizhou: 13:30 each day
Beilun to An’qing, An’hui: 10:30 each day (to pick up more passengers when crossing Zhejiang province)
Beilun to Qingdao: 15:50 each day (to pick up more passengers when crossing Zhejiang province)

  Service hotline:0574-86873538
  Note: timetable above is only for reference, please consult the timetable in   
  Passenger Transportaion Center due to the seasonal adjustment

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