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Central Hospital of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone

Central Hospital of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, a state-level Class Two Grade A hospital, is located at the center of Beilun District. The hospital, opened in October 2000, is a modern general hospital that integrates medical treatment, Economicresearch, disease prevention and health protection.  In October 2003, it was transformed into a non-profiting individually-run hospital under Ningbo Health Import and Export Co., Ltd.

The hospital has 240 staff members, including 34 senior doctors and nurses and 4 of them have Ph. D certificates and 7 are MAs. The hospital has 300 beds. The inpatient building, as large as 200,000 m2, has wards equipped with such facilities as intercom, cable TV, central oxygen supply, vacuum extractor, music center, and central air conditioning system. Every first-class ward in all the ward sections has a sitting room, a kitchen and equipped with a microstove.

The hospital has six sections for surgery, osteology, liver-gallbladder surgery, internal medicine, gynaecology and paediatrics. The liver-gallbladder surgical department, a partner of Shanghai Eastern Liver-gallbladder Surgical Hospital, is quite well known in Ningbo for its has full-time experts from Shanghai to treat the clinic cases, to make the rounds of the wards and to make surgical operations. The clinic section consists of cardiovascular internal medicine, respiratory internal department, digestive internal department, neurology internal department, incretion department, nephropathy internal department, psychology department, department of orthopedics, general surgery department, liver-gallbladde surgical department, department of cerebral surgery, neurology surgical department, urology surgical department, department of) gynaecology, pediatrics department, dermatological department, STD department, oral cavity department, otorhinolaryngological department, ophthalmology department, traditional Chinese rehabilitation department, clinical laboratory, special clinical laboratory, graphical department, chemist department, and pathology department.

The hospital is equipped with such facilities as MRI, spiral CT, DSA, X-ray CR, ICR, beckmann automatic biochemistry analyzer, beckmann-coulter blood cell counter, automatic chemicoluminescence apparatus, automatic coagulometer, special protein analyzer, dynamic EEG apparatus, brain color dopler, breathing apparatus, cardiogram monitor, and narcotic apparatus.  In 2004, the hospital is appointed “Authorized Hospital for Taiwanness” and Authorized Hospital for Foreign Merchants”.

The hospital has a 1,200m2 physical examination center, which consists of a waiting room, blood taking room, examination section.

The expansion project of the hospital started in 2005, with a floorage of 30,000m2, includes a clinical department, emergency center, physical examination center, wards of 500 beds, operation rooms. When the project is completed in 2007, the hospital will become a modernized hospital with 800 beds, the largest one in Beilun.

In 2005, Beilun District Committee of the CPC and Beilun District Government decided to set up the 120 Emergency Aids Center in the Central Hospital of Ningbo Economicand Technological Development Zone. Opened on August 16, 2005, Beilun Emergency Center has a modernized 120 emergency monitoring and commanding system and ambulances with advanced equipment.

Address: #666, Huashan Road, Beilun
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Fax: 86877166
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