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Xinqi Hospital

The New Area of Beilun, 39 km from Ningbo, is proud of its beautiful environment and convenient traffic. This area, in which are located Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningbo Bonded Area, and Daxie CITIC Development Zone, is one of the hot places for investors in Zhejiang. Xinqi, the seat of the District Government, is a place favored by foreign investors.

Xinqi Hospital was founded in 1953. At present, the hospital has various buildings for medical treatment as large as 5,470 m2 and its fixed assets total 13.88 million yuan. Of the 155 staff member working in the hospital, there are 32 senior doctors and nurses.  Its clinic section consists of 20 departments, including internal department, general surgery department, department of gynaecology, pediatrics department, traditional Chinese medicine department, oral cavity department, department of otolaryngology, dermatological department, anorectal department, acupuncture department, department of naprapathy and physical therapy, department of traditional Chinese orthopedics, general clinical laboratory, special clinical laboratory, and department of health care and disease prevention. Its in-patient department has two sections: section of internal and surgical treatment, and section of gynaecology. In addition, the hospital has service stations in Xingyang and Zhilan communities. The feature clinical treatment of glycuresis, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases and venereal diseases, bone fracture, and gynecological diseases has a strong appeal to the patients. In 1996, it was authorized by Zhengjiang Public Health Administration as a Class A Grade B comprehensive hospital.

With a history of 50 years behind, the hospital is equipped with advanced apparatus such as Japan made Toshiba digital color ustrasonic diagnostic unit, Alok 1400 ustrasonic diagnostic unit, Olympus V7 electronic gastroscope, Beckmann-coulter CX5 automatic biochemistry analyzer, automatic blood cell counter, dynamic cardiograph analyzer, monoclonal immunity fluorescence detector, anorectal treatment instrument, 500 ma X-ray, and automatic anesthetic apparatus.

The motto the hospital follows in its administration and services is “People Foremost” and “Patient Centeredness”.

Address: #17, Weishengnong, Zhongjie Street, Beilun, Ningbo
Tel: 86861670
Buses: No. 787.
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