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Zongrui Hospital

Zong Rui Hospital is very popular in Beilun due to its modern medical equipments, comfortable and elegant medical environment, high level of medical technology and high-quality service.

Zong Rui Hospital was named after its donator, Zong Rui. His last wish, building a hospital in his hometown, Beilun, was completed by his sons, Gu Guohua and Gu  Guohe in November 1991.

The hospital is located near Beilun Port, known as the crown of China ports, is a young and dynamic one among hospitals in county level. With the completion of Emergency Building and the In-patient Building, the hospital now covers an area of 17, 000 square meters while the building area reaches 25,000 square meters and vegetation area reaches 5,000 square meters. It is now regarded as a medial place with the style of a modern garden.

Zong Rui Hospital has full ranges of departments. Among 420 staff members, there are 124 high-ranking doctors. The hospital includes 14 clinical departments, 14 clinical expert departments, 9 in-patient sections, an ICU room and relevant ambulant and emergency clinics as well as sections related to med ical technology; the hospital has 300 beds and receives some 360,000 clinical visits annually, of which 20,000 are emergent patients. Operations in the hospital reaches 80,000 a year.

The hospital owns large-scale medical equipment, such as GE, CT, 500mA X, Acusou Ultrasonic device, OLYMPUS full automation biochemical analyser, Access immunity radiator, ABL analyser, DADE blood cultivator, OLYMPUS electronic inner-examination mirror and other advanced medical equipment.

The hospital attaches great importance to medical treatment quality management and work ethic establishment, and has been cited as a model hospital of Zhejiang Province in medical treatment quality management. The hospital has been awarded many times in terms of model staff members, civilized hospital and management.

Address: Beilun District
Tel: 86100276
Buses: No.787

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