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Ming Tien Coffee Language Teahouse
Ming Tien Coffee Language Teahouse was founded in 1984. It began to provide flower and fruit tea of European style in 1986, then introduced the latest automatic baking machine and the whole set of automatic equipment. Now it can provide natural, healthy Houbo Tea that is popular in Europe, the fruit grain tea and frozen, instant food to adapt to the consuming modes in different areas and the world fashion as the development tendency

Since Ming Tien entered the mainland market in 1995, we have been holding the operating principle “ a cup of coffee, sincerity filled in” , and introduced the serious, professional managing spirit into the ever-changing coffee and catering management in mainland, as a result, we have set up a favorable enterprising image and the credit among customers.
Now more than 300 Ming Tien café provide the best service for the clienTel heart and soul everyday throughout the country. We offer the consumers a perfect and peasant experience in Ming Tien by our catering of high quality and kind service.
Since our company open Ming Tien Coffee Language Teahouse in Beilun, it has been popular among the consumers in Beilun. We provides mainly coffee, Chinese and Western food, natural, healthy Houbo tea popular in Europe, fruit grain tea and spread the culture meanwhile.

Address: No. 109-111, Zhonghe Road, Xinqi
Tel: 86867555
Buses: No. 703, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 783, 788

Baidi Café
Address: No. 178, Mt. Huangshan Road, Xinqi
Buses: No. 707

Shangdao Western Cuisine Café (in Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone)
Address: No. 568, Mingzhou Road
Tel: 86862198
Buses: No. 703, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 783, 788

Shangdao Café
Address: No. 378, Mingzhou Road, Xinqi
Buses: No. 703, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 783, 788

Yunshang Café
Address: at the east end of the Batou Road, Daqi Town
Tel:  86109582

Da Mu Zhi (thumb) Café
Address: No. 656, Mt. Songchang Road, Xinqi
Tel:  86827187
Buses: No. 707

Lao Shu (old tree) Café
Address: Niwan, Honglian, Xiaogang
Buses: No. 701, 553

Menghuan (dream) Café
Address: No. 679-681, the east Jiangnan Road, Xiaogang
Tel:  86153817
Buses: No. 701

Shangdao Café (in Xiao Gang)
Address: Honglian, Xiao Gang
Tel:  86153077
Buses: No. 701, 553

Kaixin (happy) Recreation Café
Address: No. 18, Yaojiang Road
Buses: No. 787

Shangdao Western Cuisine Café (in Daqi)
Address: at Xinda Road (on the 2nd floor in Quarter B, Manhattan Business Square)
Buses: No. 703, 704, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 788

Jin Ma Li Coffee-made Food Co. Ltd.
Address: No. 210-218, Mingzhou Road, Xinqi, Development Zone
Buses: No. 703, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 783, 788

Ouli Coffee-made Food Co. Ltd.
Address: No. 189, Mingzhou Road, Xinqi
Buses: No. 703., 705, 706, 707, 787,782, 783, 788

Bi Feng Tang (lee pond) Café
Address: No. 242,  Mingzhou Road, Xinqi
Tel:  86826977
Buses: No. 703, 705, 706, 707, 787, 782, 783, 788

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