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Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Jin Haitun Hotel (Golden Dolphin Hotel)
Address: No. 9, the West Mingzhou Road
Tel: 86827778
Fax: 86827779

The hotel is an overseas-funded enterprise invested by Junyang Group in Hong Kong. It provides catering and entertainment services, and hold more than 40 boxes and 80 celebrating feasts. For the cuisine, we provide dishes made of abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin and the bird’s nest, authentic Cantonese cuisine and traditional Ningbo cuisine. It holds more than 200 parking spaces. Welcome!
Telephone for Reservation: 26882000, 26885888

Restaurant of  Dong Bei Da Jie (Restaurant of the Elder Sister from Northeast)
Address: No. 15, 16 Food Square, Taihe Road, Xinqi Street
Buses: No. 787

Dongfu Restaurant
Address: No. 20, Food Center, Taihe Road, Xinqi
Buses: No. 787

Jiale Restaurant
Address: Yongfeng Residential Quarter, Xinqi
Buses: No. 787

Leyuan Restaurant (Paradise Restaurant) 
Address: No. 171, the 2nd Fengyang Road, Xinqi
Tel: 56222527
Buses: No. 704, 705, 706

Ai’ba Restaurant (Loving Eight Restaurant)
Address: No. 588, Mt. Huashan Road, Xinqi
Buses: No. 703, 705, 707, 787,782

Baifeng Gangcheng Restaurant (Mt. White Restaurant of the Port City)
Address: Zhuangshan Bridge, Baifeng Residential Quarter, Baifeng Town
Tel: 86726277
Buses: No. 711

Yang Yu Chang Restaurant (Fishing Center Restaurant)
Address: Golden Huayan Temple, Daqi
Buses: No. 703, 707

Youyi Restaurant (Friendship Restaurant)
Address: Zhuangshan Bridge, Baifeng Town
Tel: 86729777
Buses: No. 711

Pin Chuan Ge Restaurant
Address: No.3 Room, Xingtai Hotel, Honglian, Xiaogang Town
Tel: 86159788
Buses: No. 701, 553

Jixiang Restaurant
Address: No. 470-480, Gaofeng Road, Xinqi
Tel:  66685072
Buses: No. 703, 705, 707, 87, 82, 788

Jingang Restaurant
Address: No. 45 Integrated Market, Honglian, Xiaogang
Tel: 86158249
Buses: No. 701, 553

Bai Wei Xian Restaurant (Restaurant of Various Delicious Cuisines)
Address: Xinli Residential Quarter, Xiaogang
Tel: 86177047
Buses: No. 701

He Yuan Restaurant
Address: No.19, South Town-circling Road, Chai Bridge (Opposite to the New East Buses Station)
Tel: 86062990
Buses: No. 709, 709-2, 709-4, 711, 783

Dahongying Restaurant
Address: in front of Security Bureau in the development zone
Tel: 86223602
Buses: No. 705

Shuangshuang Restaurant
Address: beside the Vocational Institute of Ningbo
Buses: No. 703, 787, 782

Xinyuan Restaurant
Address: Niwan, Honglian, Xiaogang (opposite to Xinyuan Club)
Tel: 86153211
Buses: No. 701, 553

Kangle Restaurant
Address: in Zhouyichen Industrial Zone, Daqi Street
Tel: 86105657
Buses: No. 707

Yajing Restaurant
Address: South Renmin Road (opposite to National Tax Office)
Tel: 86108418
Buses: No. 707

Nong Jia Xiang Cai Guan (Restaurant of villager’s cooking)
Address: No. 13 Mingzhu (pearl) Building, former Bus station, Chai Bridge
Tel: 86063176
Buses: No. 709, 709-2, 709-4, 711, 783

Ri Yue Xing ( the sun, moon and satrs) Restaurant
Address: Baifeng Residential Quarter, Baifeng Town
Buses: No. 711

Jiajia Restaurant
Address: Baifeng Residential Quarter, Baifeng Town
Tel: 86729823
Buses: No. 711

Lao Xiang Qin (countrymen) Restaurant
Address: No. 249 the 2nd Fengyang Street, Xinqi
Tel: 86831946
Buses: No. 704, 705, 706

Zhongxin Restaurant
Address: No. 228, the South Xueyuan Road
Buses: No. 703, 707

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