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Restaurant Of Hunan Cuisine Café Cake Shop

Cake Shop

Maiquer Cake Shop
Address:9-13,15 Comprehensive Market, Daqi
Tel: 86106469

Maixiangcun Cake Shop
Address: No.99 Xiaoqiao Road, Chaiqiao
Buses: No.709 709-2 709-4 711 783

Zhongsheng Cake Shop
Address: Batou Street, Daqi
Tel: 86102457
Buses:No. 707 787

Sanshan Zhiliang Cake Shop
Address: Hezhai, Sanshan
Tel: 86098487
Buses:No. 787 709

Honglian Cake Shop
Address: 100 Dukou Street, Honglian
Buses:No. 701 553

Texiangyuan Cake Shop
Address: Yaqian, Xiaogang
Buses:No. 701 553

Xinlongmei Cake Shop
Address: 162 Xiapu Street, Xiapu
Tel: 86905469
Buses:No. 705

Xiangxueer Cake Shop
Address: 11-7, Changhe Xincun, Xiaogang
Tel: 86226118
Buses: No.701

Friendship Cake Shop
Address: 21 West Street, Xinqi
Tel: 86882871
Buses:No. 787

Maixiang Cake Shop
Address: 238 Xinda Street, Xinqi
Tel: 86883341
Buses: No.703 704 705 706 707 787 782 788

Baodi Cake Shop
Address: D-3, Xiapu Market
Buses:No. 705

Shangyang Yuanyuan Cake Shop
Address: Jiantang, Shangyang, Baifeng Town
Buses:No. 711

Juxiang Cake Shop
Address: 27 Chaiqiao North Street, Chaiqiao
Buses:No. 709 709-2 709-4 711 783

Tiantianxiang Cake SHop
Address: 36 Donghetang Street, Xinqi
Tel: 86861752
Buses: No.787

Maixiangyuan Cake SHop
Address: Tazhisi, Daqi
Tel: 86147119

Xinranmei Cake Shop
Address: Baifeng Village, Baifeng
Buses: No.711

Xinxin Cake Shop
Address: 1-2 Guangming Street, Dutou, Xiaogang
Buses: No. 701

Miguo Cake Shop
Address: Shangyang, Jiatang, Baifeng
Tel: 86740536
Buses: No. 711

Asia Cake Shop
Address: A 003-2, Xingyang Store, Xinqi
Tel: 86871789
Buses: No.787

Honghe Cake Shop
Address: 134 Henghe Street, Xinqi
Tel: 86864658
Buses: No.703 707 708 782 783 550

Maixiangcun Cake Shop
Address: Hezhai, Sanshan
Buses: No.787 709

Fuli Cake Shop
Address: 8, Comprehensive Market, Honglian, Xiaogang
Buses:  No.701 553

Siyuanxiang Cake SHop
Address: 51-22, Haoerju, Xiaogang
Buses: No.701

Ruyi Cake SHop
Address: 11, Qiaodong Street, Development Zone
Tel: 63763756

Maixiangyuan Cake SHop
Address: Guoju Market, Baifeng
Tel: 86024975
Buses: No.711

Piaoxianglou Cake Shop
Address: 401-403, Batou Street, Daqi
Buses: No.707 787

Xinyoumei Cake Shop
Address: Zhoucuiyu Kindergarten, Renmin Street, Daqi
Tel: 86101887
Buses: No.707

Honglian Cake Shop
Address: 19 Dukou Street, Xiaogang
Tel: 86159349
Buses: No.701 553

Xinfeng Cake SHop
Address: 108 Jiufengxi Street, Xiapu
Tel: 86902275
Buses: No.705

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