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Beilun Central Kindergarten
Beilun Central Kindergarten, affiliated to Beilun Educational Bureau, was founded in 1988. Although the kindergarten only covers an area of 2,700 square meters, it is equipped with good facilities and has beautiful surroundings. Kids can not only take good exercises but also develop their cognitive skills in the various rooms, such as science popularization room, computer room, and reading room. The multimedia devices, television set and different displayer, VCD, digital camera and computers in the kindergarten provide an adequate guarantee for the educational modernization of the Kindergarten.

The kindergarten boasts of a group of dedicated professional, fulltime teachers. 50% of the teachers are three-year college graduates and two are four-year graduates. There are 9 senior teachers, 12 first-grade teachers. The kindergarten is not only good at improving teachers quality, but also promoting the teaching quality by adopting such advanced notions as taking exhibitions, commenting cases, and probing the combination of teaching and research. To give a full scope to students initiative and individuality, the kindergarten takes small class teaching method and theme related activities. So the walls of the classrooms and the aisles become a place of education and the kids here are the real master of their own study. 8 teachers of the kindergarten has won the titles as New star teachers, top ten young teachers, city excellent teachers at county or city levels. And there are five teachers have won the first, second and the third awards in basic teaching competition.

The guiding principle of the kindergarten is to lay a solid foundation for childrens sustainable development and to do a better service for parents and the objective of the kindergarten is to show respect to individual differences and cultivate the good virtue, healthy body, and versatile interests.

Beilun Central Kindergarten strives to create beautiful surroundings so as to build a safe and happy atmosphere for the kids since its set up over ten years ago. Centering on the various objectives, the kindergarten exerts great efforts to relieve the parents of worries by high quality nursing and warm & considerate service, thus wining the trust and honors from the society. Since it won the honor of a provincial demonstration kindergarten in year 1996, the kindergarten has also been awarded such titles as Top Zhejiang 200 in scientific research, Zhejiang Woman Demonstration Post, Zhejiang Excellent Parents School, Ningbo Excellent Kindergarten, and Ningbo five star kindergarten, etc. Teachers are active in participating various competitions and excellent in scientific research. Since the past three years, there were three projects winning the first, second, and the third prices of Ningbo respectively, and ten thesis getting awards of provincial or city levels. Kids of the kindergarten have maintained the first dancing place for 7 years running.

Since family is the most important partnership of the kindergarten, it conducted various interactive activities with the families based on mutual respect, equality and cooperative principles. Such activities as letters to parents, BBS discussion, family nursing lectures, etc. made the kindergarten more approachable to families.

The kindergarten is a provincial-level demo one, so it receives no less than 200 person- times visits and communications of the counterparts every year. The kindergarten renders help to the sister kindergartens not only in education, but also in material.
The kindergarten will take an entirely new approach to leap forward and we are expecting to have a bright future of it!

Address: 1 Waiyang Road, Xinqi, Beilun, NingboTel:86800358
Buses: 787

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